Authorisation pending message

Authorisation pending

I can see “Authorisation pending” instead of pictures in my widget. How to solve that issue?

There are two ways you can solve that issue.

  1. Visit our frontpage – and click “Log In” button. You will be redirected to Instagram where you have to login with Instagram account you want to create widget for. After that you will be redirected to our page. You should get an preview with the pictures from your account.
  2. Go to our authorisation page here – and click “Login with Instagram”. You will be redirected to Instagram where you have to authorise our App – LightWidget. After that you’ll be redirected to the frontpage as well. All widgets that was created before for given username will be automatically authorised. It means that you do not need to recreate your widget.

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My widget stopped updating!

My widget stopped updating!

My widget is not updating

I noticed that from some time my widget does not update. I posted several images on Instagram, but none of them appears in my widget…

Most probably you did not authorise our widget yet. There were some policy changes on Instagram side, that we had to adapt to LightWidget in order to continue providing our widgets.
In order to authorise our app you need to visit this link:
Click Login with Instagram button. Make sure that you are logged in with the Instagram account you created widget for. Instagram will show you a message where you have to grant access to our LightWidget app.
After that you will return to our homepage with example widget generated for your username.
You should not create new widget. All widgets created in the past (including upgraded widgets) will be authorised and will pull latest pictures as before.
Without authorisation your widget will stuck and will not pull new images. If you see “Authorisation pending” it means that your widget is not authorised yet.
I upgraded my widget, created new for the same username and it says that it’s not upgraded, why?

Do I need to pay for the upgrade twice?

I created the widget for @john.doe username and I upgraded it. Now I want to change some settings. I created new widget with desired settings but it says that I need to upgrade it one more time. Why?

We offer upgrade per widget, not per username or hashtag. So if you upgraded one widget you should change it’s settings instead of generating new widget.
How can I change the settings of my widget?

How can I change the settings of my widget?

If you have free widget it’s not possible to change your widget code. You need to generate new widget and update code on your website.

If you have upgraded widget it is possible. After the upgrade you should get an email from us (not the one from PayPal) with details about your widget. You should find there special edit link for your widget. Simply click it and change all the widget settings you need.

This is an example how your edit link should look like

After saving changes your widget embed code will remain the same. There is no need to change anything there.