I can’t find solution for my problem here…

I can’t find solution for my problem here

Please use our support page and create new ticket.

  • Crizelda Salita

    I am still using the free version of the widget because I wanted to see how it would run for at least 24 hours before paying for it. Yesterday, it was working fine. I used a hashtag to filter the pictures I wanted to appear on the blog. Because I only had a few pictures with that hashtag, it only displayed 4 pictures. Today, it detected additional pictures where I added the hashtag. These photos are displayed on the blog but when I click on them, it says page is not available. However, when I click on a pic that has been there since yesterday, it still works fine. My website is http://www.teyterthoughts.com

  • Reim El Houni

    Hi there – I paid for the upgrade but when I embed the code my site is still saying its the free version and needs to be upgraded…. how do I get a new code after I have upgraded>

  • Kate Delets

    I have exactly same problem. –
    Hi there – I paid for the upgrade but when I embed the code my site is still saying its the free version and needs to be upgraded…. how do I get a new code after I have upgraded>

    There is no any form to ask support directly on lightwidget.com. You received the payment but widget is asking for updates again and again. WTF?

  • l8rb4

    how to change text color on widget for embedding. I added CSS and nothing works. Please help

    • pluggedbean

      Im having the exact same issue, i need the text to be white but cant edit it

  • Cronicas Leones

    Good morning I get this message, I would like to know if you can not use the free version in blogger thanks greetings from venezuela.
    My page is: https://cronicasleones.blogspot.com/

    This is free version of our widget. HTTPS is disabled for free widgets.
    Please upgrade this widget to enable HTTPS on your awesome website!


  • Julien Charette

    Hi, the widgets stop working. (We have the paid version twice on this site and both aren’t working)

    https://bisondunord.com (“gallery” section)
    https://bisondunord.com/recipes (sidebar)

  • Mirko Rotelli

    Wenb Site: wwww.mirkorotelli.net

  • Is there any easy way to delay these from being loaded for X seconds? Or even load once near the widget in the browser? I use this at the bottom of all my pages and would like to perform some type of Lazy Load to manage this. Thanks!

  • Bet bet

    Hola necesito saber como insertar el codigo en HTML,


  • I do not want to be pro, but the msg to update does not work. The photos do not appear


  • Charles Gregory Postell

    very disappointing. the Customer service is horrible

  • Is there any chance that you’ll be providing a location based feed as opposed to hashtag? Like this:

  • Daniils Kostornijs

    Going to request refund, as customer support does not reply at all and widget is not working on iOS devices. Don’t BUY!!!!!

  • Kamča Motlová

    Hi, I have one question. My FREE widget is working, but there are just my public photos from the authorized profile @Labska_vyzva on Instagram. But I would like to share there photos from our fans when they are using #labskavyzva and photos are public, is it possible? I wrote there these “#”, but photos are not here. Thanks for helping me!

  • I have the same problem as several of these people.. have upgraded but the widget shows the upgrade message!

  • Мария Ерикина

    Я хочу получить виджет для второго аккаунта Инстаграм. Как это сделать? Второй аккаунт вот – maxa_photografer

  • Kafi Payne

    IG is not updating on my website. Please help.

  • Alex Skovajsa

    Hi. Very good tool. But is it possible to get more than 100 photos in the stream?

  • Elenora Rós Georgesdóttir

    i have paid to use https with my widget but it has not updated and is not working. What can i do?

  • Fenella Fudge

    The instructions say ‘add to your website’ – but WHERE do I plant the code on the website? It’s a BigCommerce site. I can’t see where to place the widget! @frontjewellery http://www.frontjewellery.com
    Thanks for your help…