Something went wrong during login

We have temporary issues with Instagram OAuth. If you will receive an error saying

Something went wrong. Please try again or contact us.

when you try to login to fetch your pictures, than you are affected.

We already contacted Instagram on that case and we are waiting for the reply.


If you already authorised our app in the past, simply type your username into “Username” field, without clicking the button “Log in”. Then click preview, you should get the pictures for your user.

  • anjuli99

    I asked for a one column, three row widget and it looks good on the Lightwidget page, but when I put the code on my webpage I get 1/2 of three columns, one row. Is this the same issue??

  • Saurabh Shah

    I am also not able to authenticate my Instagram account to lightwidget. I am getting the same error “Something went wrong. Please try again or contact us.”

  • Paul Mitchel

    I’m getting a message sending that authentication is pending, is this being resolved?

  • Alisa Turner

    I’m getting 9 boxes that say authorization pending…

  • Bilbo

    I paid for the upgraded widget but I never receive the email with the link to edit my widget and you never answered to my emails !! would you be a scam?
    I await your prompt response…

  • Galina

    После обновления мне так и не пришла инструкция по настройкам моего виджета идентификатор ac134030acf85611a1a82f9dbde78998

  • Galina

    After the update I have not came instructions on setting up my widget ID ac134030acf85611a1a82f9dbde78998

  • Bilbo

    SCAM !!

  • Sara Renee

    Hey! I am getting that message now, but I see this was posted in July. Will this be fixed soon??

  • Something went wrong. Please try again or contact us. I changed my password on Insta and now it shows me this, can you help? is the website All the best,


  • AB

    Your contact page is not working, i have widget issues. I have been using it for a while but now it doesn’t display images and says authorisation pending. Do you know when it might be resolved?