I upgraded my widget, created new for the same username and it says that it’s not upgraded, why?

Do I need to pay for the upgrade twice?

I created the widget for @john.doe username and I upgraded it. Now I want to change some settings. I created new widget with desired settings but it says that I need to upgrade it one more time. Why?

We offer upgrade per widget, not per username or hashtag. So if you upgraded one widget you should change it’s settings instead of generating new widget.
  • Charles Gregory Postell

    my widget stopped working and it asked me to upgrade again. can someone pls help

  • joey darwin

    I just upgraded my widget and it isn’t working, can you help me so I don’t have to stop payment? Thanks.

  • Sarah Todd Smith

    I paid to upgrade my widget and updated the link on my site but on the site it is still showing the ” this is a free version of our widget. HTTPS is disabled for free widgets. Please upgrade this widget to enable HTTPS on your awesome website! upgrade now.” Please help!