My widget stopped updating!

My widget is not updating

I noticed that from some time my widget does not update. I posted several images on Instagram, but none of them appears in my widget…

Most probably you did not authorise our widget yet. There were some policy changes on Instagram side, that we had to adapt to LightWidget in order to continue providing our widgets.
In order to authorise our app you need to visit this link:
Click Login with Instagram button. Make sure that you are logged in with the Instagram account you created widget for. Instagram will show you a message where you have to grant access to our LightWidget app.
After that you will return to our homepage with example widget generated for your username.
You should not create new widget. All widgets created in the past (including upgraded widgets) will be authorised and will pull latest pictures as before.
Without authorisation your widget will stuck and will not pull new images. If you see “Authorisation pending” it means that your widget is not authorised yet.
  • lojaSmokePRO

    Hello, I upgraded my widget, but after 30 minutes the widget returned to free version again, asking me to upgrade to HTTPS, now I have WIDGET FREE and it simply disappeared from my site too, I’ll leave it to follow The purchase information along with the order number…

    Order #1188590

    Please i need help

  • Your contact page is broken, how do I get in touch with you to ask about a purchase?

    • Mingiyan Djimbeev
    • Mingiyan Djimbeev

      And that is interesting, When I upgraded widget year ago there were not any terms about “multi” time purchase but only one time

    • Mingiyan Djimbeev


  • Daniel

    He, my LightWidget ist off? What happen? Your Contact page is down!

  • Romar Ybanez

    Widget is not fetching photos, the preview works but once embedded, it returns blank.

  • Kathy Gabriel

    Do the new photos get added to the widget automatically at a specific time?

  • Mingiyan Djimbeev

    What fucking wrong with your contact form!???

    I had paid upgraded widget that worked great before it`s broken now and no fucking clear instructions are on your site how to patch. I logged in to instagram, generate new widget, but it generates free version instead of my paid. So what?


  • Mingiyan Djimbeev

    What is the problem with widget, I created one in the past, but now it`s broken? hello, is anybody here?

  • Beth Stewart

    Hi there,

    We are using Light Widget on a few of our sites, however for a particular client account it keeps disappearing and making me authorise the widget over and over before it starts displaying. We have the paid version too. How do we stop this from happening?

  • Annie Nadal Rivera

    I logged in with my IG account, but it still doesn’t update. In fact it reads “error, you must log in…”

  • Good Zebra

    I have authorized, and i have logged into my account – but my website is still not updating and missing several days of images.

  • Karl Grubaugh

    Widget stopped updating on Instagram. I just got a new token and now it’s updated. But I paid the $10 fee back in November (twice, actually), and now i don’t get the upgraded effect. … How do I apply my upgrade to my new widget?

    • Seb Pett

      Dear Karl, I had the exact same problem, wrote them and never had any reply. Did they solve your problem? My widget is not updating after authorizing again. Best regards