Something went wrong during login

We have temporary issues with Instagram OAuth. If you will receive an error saying

Something went wrong. Please try again or contact us.

when you try to login to fetch your pictures, than you are affected.

We already contacted Instagram on that case and we are waiting for the reply.


If you already authorised our app in the past, simply type your username into “Username” field, without clicking the button “Log in”. Then click preview, you should get the pictures for your user.

Authorisation pending message

Authorisation pending

I can see “Authorisation pending” instead of pictures in my widget. How to solve that issue?

There are two ways you can solve that issue.

  1. Visit our frontpage – and click “Log In” button. You will be redirected to Instagram where you have to login with Instagram account you want to create widget for. After that you will be redirected to our page. You should get an preview with the pictures from your account.
  2. Go to our authorisation page here – and click “Login with Instagram”. You will be redirected to Instagram where you have to authorise our App – LightWidget. After that you’ll be redirected to the frontpage as well. All widgets that was created before for given username will be automatically authorised. It means that you do not need to recreate your widget.

Similar questions:

My widget stopped updating!

My widget stopped updating!

My widget is not updating

I noticed that from some time my widget does not update. I posted several images on Instagram, but none of them appears in my widget…

Most probably you did not authorise our widget yet. There were some policy changes on Instagram side, that we had to adapt to LightWidget in order to continue providing our widgets.
In order to authorise our app you need to visit this link:
Click Login with Instagram button. Make sure that you are logged in with the Instagram account you created widget for. Instagram will show you a message where you have to grant access to our LightWidget app.
After that you will return to our homepage with example widget generated for your username.
You should not create new widget. All widgets created in the past (including upgraded widgets) will be authorised and will pull latest pictures as before.
Without authorisation your widget will stuck and will not pull new images. If you see “Authorisation pending” it means that your widget is not authorised yet.
I upgraded my widget, created new for the same username and it says that it’s not upgraded, why?

Do I need to pay for the upgrade twice?

I created the widget for @john.doe username and I upgraded it. Now I want to change some settings. I created new widget with desired settings but it says that I need to upgrade it one more time. Why?

We offer upgrade per widget, not per username or hashtag. So if you upgraded one widget you should change it’s settings instead of generating new widget.
How can I change the settings of my widget?

Upgraded widgets

There are two ways how you can edit your widget settings:

  1. From widget info page
  2. By using special edit link

No matter which method you will use, widget embed code will remain the same.

From widget info page

Log in to your account first. Go to My widgets section by using your user menu. It is located in top right corner. Find your upgraded widget and click Show more link. You will be redirected to page with details about your widget.

In Widget info section you will find Edit widget link. Click it and you will be able to edit your widget settings.

By using special edit link

You can give permissions to edit your widget settings to your friend or customer. Follow the steps above to get to Edit widget page.

On the bottom of that page there is a Widget edit link section. You can use it to create unique link. Simply send this link to anyone you wish to give them permissions to edit your widget settings.

Free widgets

If you have free widget it is not possible to edit settings. You need to generate new widget and update code on your website.


Instagram Policy Changes
Instagram’s Policy changes

Instagram recently changes their policy. You can read more about it on their blog here – Instagram Platform Update. In short words – Instagram now requires each app, like LightWidget to go through review process and to adapt to their new policy. Our app was accepted by Instagram, so it means that LightWidget can still provide responsive widgets for Instagram. This is great news for us and for our users!

However there are couple of changes we need to implement in our service to adapt to their new policy. Most important changes are:

Users still will be able to generate widgets for @username. However it will require authorization, before we will be able to put users’s photos into our widget.

It will be possible to generate widgets from #hashtag photos, but only from given @username account. It means that you will be able to generate widget from pictures from your account, but only pictures with particular #hashtag will be visible in our widget.

Unfortunately it won’t be possible to create widget from public photos filtered by #hashtag only :/ This is one of the new restrictions from Instagram.

Everything else remains the same:)

Early access program and migration

You can authorize our app right now. We created early access program. You can authorize our App right now and you don’t need to bother with migration process later on. It’s free and really fast. Click the link below to do it now:

Early access


1. When will you implement all the changes?

We plan to implement everything as soon as possible, but we do not want to implement everything at once. There will be few steps in the process. We will update this blog post and our Twitter account with latest changes.


2. What does that mean for people who are using your widgets?

In order to get the photos from your Instagram account, we need your approval to do that. If we won’t get it, we will not be able to update your widget with new photos. You need to authorize our App first.


3. What is this whole authorization process anyway? How does it look like?

It’s really simple and it takes less than a minute to complete. You just need to click the button on the page, login with your Instagram account and click the approve button to our App. That’s it.


4. Does that mean that I need to authorize your app via Instagram first, before I can generate widget for my website? 

Yes, before you will be able to use the widget on your website, you need to give us permission to display your photos. It’s one time action and it goes through Instagram. Everything should take less than a minute.


5. I’m a developer and I don’t have access to @client Instagram account. Can I generate the widget for my client?

We have an idea for that. You will be able to generate the widget, but in the end, client will have to confirm access to his photos anyway. It will be really easy and it will be possible to have the widget up and running in less than 2 minutes. More details soon.


6. I want to generate the widget for #sport and fetch photos from all Instagram accounts that are marked with this hashtag. 

Unfortunately due to change in Instagram’s Privacy Policy, it won’t be possible with our widget :/ We have few ideas how to solve that, but it won’t be as nice as it is now. We will soon disable this functionality.


7. What will happen to old @username widgets? Will they be deleted? Do I need to generate new widget?

Until end of May 2016 they will work as usual. After that they will stop pulling new photos, but the widget will be available and will display old photos. However you can use our early-access program and authorize our app right now. After authorization your widget will still function without any changes.


8. What will happen to old #hashtag widgets?

Until end of May they will work as usual. After that they will stop pulling new photos. Widgets will be available and will display photos from last update.


9. I have upgraded widget for @username. Do I need to authorize it as well?

Yes, you need to authorize it too. More details soon.


10. I have upgraded widget widget for #hashtag. What should I do?

You can change your widget settings or request a refund. More details soon.

Instansive rebranding to LightWidget
Rebranding – new name is: Lightwidget

Our new name – LightWidget

Instansive changed the name to LightWidget. It is still responsive widget for Instagram, but under new name. There are various of reasons why we changed the name from Instansive to LightWidget.

Instansive was combination of two words – Instagram and Responsive which fitted perfectly as a name for our service. We wanted to offer responsive widget for Instagram photos. However responsive design is somehow a difficult word for regular people. By regular people we mean most of our users. Of course there are webdevelopers and designers that are using our service, and they know very well what responsive design is. But lot of them don’t know what responsiveness exactly is.
They just want to have nice widget that they can place on their website.

Another reason is that result of our research shows, that Instansive is hard to remember and sometimes, difficult to pronounce.

We also wanted to be 100% fair to Instagram and their policy of naming applications that are using their great API.

So we decided to rename our service. After hundred names and different variations we picked up name LightWidget. We think that it’s nice, easy to remember and somehow reflects the nature of our widgets. We constantly strive to make our widgets lighter and faster. We are still rewriting some widget variations, but new widgets are based on pure and lightweight JavaScript instead of large libraries such as jQuery.

Will my widget continue to work with domain?

Yes, your widget will still work under domain. You don’t need to change anything in your widget, it should work out of the box.

All new widgets will be generated with domain.

New name – name infrastructure

When we changed the name of our service to LightWidget, we also changed our server infrastructure. Unfortunately we reached the limits of our previous setup. Even after optimization of everything that we could think of, during the most busy periods, our servers simply couldn’t handle the traffic.

Yes, right now we are having way more than 200,000,000 every month, handling more than 24,000 website every month. Everyday there are hundreds of new widgets generated. It’s great for us, because within just 7 months we doubled the number of views from 100,000,000 to 200,000,000 😀

But this is serious drawback when it comes to our infrastructure. Recently we had some stability issues, delays in refreshes and lack of access to some servers for few minutes everyday.

LightWidget is currently working on new infrastructure. We have more powerful servers with latest possible software installed. We hope that it will have positive impact on general performance.

How to set custom padding?
How to set custom padding?

How to set custom padding?

Hello everyone!

This is our first blog post here. We decided to create short articles in addition to our Twitter feed. Sometimes 140 character limitation on Twitter is too short to express our thoughts and let you know about new features.

Custom padding – new feature

We had lot of requests from our users to give them more freedom when it comes to padding. By padding we understand amount of free space between the photos in our Instagram widget.

Previously padding was fixed. You could only turn it off or on. It was not possible to set custom amount of free space, which was pain for lot of users.

Until now! We changed the old checkbox to custom value. By default padding is 2 pixels, but if you want to increase or decrease it you can provide custom value. You can set amount between 0 and 30 pixels.

If you want to remove the padding completely in our Instagram Widget, just set value to 0. It will act the same as in previous version when you checked “Remove photo padding” option.

Some examples here:

When thing goes wrong….

Yes, sometimes we made mistakes. The latest mistake was connected to new feature – custom padding. We deployed our API that is responsible for generating the widgets. Unfortunately it was released to production server a bit too(on Tuesday afternoon). The result was padding set to 0 in large part of the widgets, even if “Remove photo padding” option was not set. We are really sorry for that, it was our mistake. Soon all widgets should have correct amount of padding, just like they were configured at the beginning.

150 million views

Today we are also celebrating new record! We have 150 000 000 views within 30 days period. This is amazing and we sincerely thank all of our users for such a great support!

Number of people that are using our widgets is growing really fast. Not so long ago (13.08.2015), we announced that we break 100 million views barrier. And today we have 50% more! Waiting now for 200 million views!