Instagram widget examples

Hey👋 Glad to see you here! LightWidget provides responsive widgets for the Instagram platform. You can create a modern, tiny and fast feed using our service. Each widget has tons of configuration options.

Below you will find example widgets that you can create with LightWidget to embed photos from your Instagram account on your website!

Grid widget

The simplest form of our widgets is an essential, static grid. You can find such widgets on most websites with an Instagram feed.

You can configure the displayed number of columns and photos in Grid widgets, Slider and Masonry. In addition, you can also set different values for various devices, such as:

  • tablets,
  • mobile phones,
  • even large TVs!

In short - our widgets are responsive and can look good on any screen!

If you look at the widget in this section, you'll see that it also displays a header. Each of our Instagram feeds can display one with different information like:

  • profile picture,
  • username,
  • follow button,
  • and a few others!

Slider widget

Are you looking for something more fancy and interactive? How about the carousel with the posts from your Instagram account for your website?

The slideshow has dedicated options, such as fully customizable navigation arrow settings and the transition speed.

As in Slider, any other type of widget can have different hover effects. You have many options to choose from - fades, zooms, icons, captions, etc.

You can choose what happens after clicking on one of the posts in the Instagram feed. You can either display a lightbox gallery on your website or transfer the user to an Instagram website/app.

Masonry widget

Not a fan of the square format? You can switch between the original and 1:1 image format in every widget, but it looks best in the masonry widget.

In this example, the masonry Instagram widget also has a footer with the load more button. It can be configured for every type of feed, the same as the header.

Want to display captions under your photos? No problem; each widget supports customizable post descriptions too! You can change the caption

  • length,
  • font size,
  • and color!

Custom CSS

Didn't find the widget you were looking for? Apart from many more options available in our widget generator, such as colors and sizing, we can override and add more styles via the custom CSS field. You can transform your Instagram widget into something truly unique!

Ready to create your widget?