New feature – Show more posts

The long-awaited feature is finally here – The show more posts button! Apart from that, there are a few other changes too😄

Widget footer

Some time ago we’ve added the option to display the header in the widget. You can read more about this feature in this article – The new widget creator is here!

From now on, widgets can also display a footer with the following buttons:

  • Follow me button
  • Show more posts button

Follow me button is also available in the widget header, but we got some requests asking whether it would be possible to add the follow me button in the footer as well. So here it is!

Footer can be visible or hidden. We also allow you to customize the layout of the footer – you can choose one from 4 predefined layouts or you can use Custom CSS for further adjustments.

This feature is available both in free and in upgraded widgets.

Screenshot showing footer settings available in widget creator.

To show the footer edit your upgraded widget or create a new one. In the widget creator expand the Footer section and turn on the Show footer option.

Show more posts button

This feature was requested a lot! Previously, the widget could display up to 100 photos. Without the load more button it was not possible to show older posts. Show more button changes this behavior! If you will enable this option a button in the widget footer will appear. Once you click this button more posts will be loaded from your Instagram account.

In order to enable this option:

  1. Expand Footer section
  2. Check Show footer option
  3. Make sure that Show more button is selected

As always, we want to give our the possibility of full customization. You can change the button look by adjusting the colors, border radius, and size in the Buttons section.

Furthermore, we allow customizing the number of posts that will be loaded after the user clicks the show more posts button in the widget. This option can be different per breakpoint, so for instance you can load 30 more posts on desktop, but load only 10 on mobile. You can adjust the values in the Layout section via the Number of show more posts option.

Screenshot showing the slider and input of the Number of show more posts control.

Deprecation of direct Login with Instagram

If you usually log in to our website using the “Login with Instagram” button on the login page, you’ve might have noticed the alert about the deprecation.

You can read more about it in this article – Deprecated Login with Instagram.

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