New login method

We released new alternative way of logging into your account. Now you can create and log in with e-mail and password! Read more

New Instagram APIs

This post describes the effect of deprecation of legacy Instagram API as well as new official APIs that will replace the deprecated API. Read more

New feature – custom CSS

We released new feature - custom CSS. Now you can add your own styles and CSS code to our widgets to adjust widget look even more to your needs! Read more

Instagram’s Policy changes

Instagram changed their privacy policy. This change affects all apps that use Instagram API, including our widget - LightWidget. We are really happy to announce that our app went successfully trough review process on Instagram. So we can continue serving our widgets. However there are couple of drawbacks... Read more

Rebranding – new name is: Lightwidget

We changed our widget name from Instansive to LightWidget! It means that we have completely new logo and new website URL. All old widgets from Instansive domain will still work, there is nothing you need to change... Read more