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Widget templates

Widget templates are a faster method to create new widgets with a given configuration.

What are the widget templates?

Let’s assume you are managing multiple widgets and need to create more. You’ve carefully crafted a very nice Instagram widget using our widget creator, and you are thrilled with the result. You want to make another Instagram feed with precisely the same settings. And here is the problem – if you have been using our website for a while, you probably noticed how many options our widget creator has. Setting up another widget with the same settings can be cumbersome and require a lot of clicking.

Widget templates to the rescue! Now you can easily copy the settings from one widget to another with a single click! You can copy the widget settings and paste them into another one with minimal effort.

How to use the widget templates?

The usage of widget templates is straightforward:

  1. Go to the list of your widgets.
  2. Click the Show more button next to the one you want to use as a template.
  3. Click the Create a new widget from this template.
  4. The widget creator will open and will contain the settings of the widget. All options from the selected item, except the Instagram account and Hashtag filtering from the Content section of the widget creator, will be copied to a new feed.
Screenshot showing the button to create a new template.

This function works both for free and for upgraded widgets.

Pre-made templates

Our Instagram widget examples page has some designs you can use as a starting point for creating your Instagram plugin for your website. 

These templates include pre-designed feeds with headers, footers, lightboxes, etc. Each one has a configuration for mobile, so it looks good on every device.

You can use them as templates by clicking the button Create a widget like this under each example. The user can further customize these templates to fit their specific needs.

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