New feature - mail notifications

New feature – mail notifications for expired access tokens

Just recently we released new feature. When your access token expires you can receive an e-mail notification with link in order to refresh token instantly.

What is the deal with access token expiration?

We use Instagram/Facebook access tokens to get information about your photos and videos posted to Instagram. You can read more about it in our support article here – What is Instagram Access token?

When such token expires we are no longer able to get data about your latest content published on Instagram. It means that your widget will not update with new photos😔

Every access token expires after some time. This is the way how Instagram API and Facebook Graph API works and we cannot change it, but we can make it a bit easier for our users.

How this feature works?

You can set up e-mail notification from Settings page in Notifications section. All you need to do is to provide us with e-mail address if you login to our website using Social Media accounts or tick the checkbox if you login to our website using email and password.

When we detect that your access token expired single message will be send to provided e-mail address or to the email address you are using to log in to our website. It will inform you about expired token. It will also contain link where you can easily refresh your access token.

For now it is only enabled for users that has at least one upgraded widget. We might release this feature to global audience in the future:)


Will you send any other notifications/mails to provided e-mail address?

No. We will not send any other unwanted messages to given e-mail address. We will only send notifications about expired tokens. You can unsubscribe from notifications at any time via:

  • My access token page
  • One click opt-out link in each token notification

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  • That's what I call paradigm support (thinking ahead). Others can't even think for now :) which makes you guys (and girls f course) "Rock". Thank you.


    • ❤️


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