Widget Upgrade

The widget upgrade add-on provides the following benefits to your Instagram widget:

  • Automatic content updates every 30 minutes
  • Advanced CDN for faster loading time
  • Option to edit widget settings
  • Email notifications for expired access tokens
  • Works on HTTPS websites
  • 14-day free trial available
  • One-time fee per widget

Price: $10

Differences between the widgets

Free Upgraded Image optimization
All basic features included in our widget creator like mobile options, footer, header, lightbox, load-more, etc.
Possibility to create and manage the widgets for your clients without asking for credentials.
The time during which new Instagram posts will appear in the widget.
24 hours 30 minutes 30 minutes
Widgets using CDN tend to load faster because the content loads from the closest node to the visitor of your website. CDN that we use has nodes in 120 countries worldwide.
Not included
A possibility to change the configuration in the widget creator without changing the embed code on your website.
Not available
The widget loads correctly if your website has an SSL/TLS certificate installed.
You can get an email notification when the connection between your Instagram account and our app expires.
Not included
Images are available in this default, widely supported format.
Additional, modern, widely supported image format. It offers better compression and a smaller file size compared to the JPEG.
Not supported Not supported
Offers even better compression and file size than WebP while keeping the same image quality.
Not supported Not supported
Images of different resolutions ensure a better user experience by optimizing image quality and loading times based on the viewer's device capabilities.
Not supported Not supported
When the connection between your Instagram account and our app expires, the photos stop loading in the widget.
No No
How fast the widget loads on the user's website and how it impacts Core Web Vitals.
Very fast
We do not limit the number of times the given widget can be viewed/loaded on your website.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
There are no 3rd party ads or our logos displayed in the widget.
None! None! None!
Each paid add-on has a 14-day free trial — no credit card needed.
Widget is free, no trial available
Price $0
One-time per widget
Yearly per widget
Upgrade now! Upgraded Upgrade now! Image optimization

Widget upgrade details

More frequent updates

Say goodbye to waiting 24 hours to see your freshly snapped pics on your widget, and say hello to more frequent updates!

Our add-on ensures that your newly posted pictures appear in your widget every 30 minutes so that you can share your stunning visuals with your friends and followers in no time.

Advanced CDN for faster loading time

A content delivery network (CDN) is essential for any website to achieve fast loading times and outstanding performance.

By storing your widget on multiple servers worldwide, a CDN can ensure that users can access your content quickly and reliably, regardless of location.

Possibility to edit widget settings

Are you tired of creating a new widget each time and replacing it on your website?

The ability to edit your widget settings without replacing the embed code is a crucial feature that can help you customize your widget more efficiently and seamlessly.

Email notifications for broken Instagram connection

The widget stopped working again because the connection between your Instagram account and our app expired, and you missed it. Sounds familiar?

This upgrade add-on comes with the added benefit of email notifications when your connection expires. Say goodbye to outdated or broken widget content that goes unnoticed. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll be alerted if there are any issues with your connection.

HTTPS enabled

Is your website using HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate, and you get an error in our widget?

The widgets with upgrade add-ons work smoothly on all websites that use a secure protocol, ensuring maximum compatibility and security.

Free trial

You can test this add-on for 14 days if you hesitate to purchase. No credit card or payment is required, and you can cancel anytime. You can find more details on the free trial page.

One-time fee

Unlike other widgets using monthly subscriptions, this is a one-time purchase, like an activation fee. No monthly/yearly payments:) It costs only 10 USD per widget.

Who is using our upgraded widget?

Other basic features

  • Responsive

    Widget looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. You can customize settings of the widget for various screen sizes.

  • Tiny

    No bloated libraries inside the widget. Everything is trimmed to minimum.

  • Fast

    Widget loads very fast. We use advanced CDN and caching to optimize loading times.

  • Official Instagram API

    We use new, official Instagram APIs - Instagram Graph API and Instagram Basic Display API

  • Links directly to Instagram

    We link directly to your Instagram account, not 3rd party pages filled with ads.

  • Ads free

    You will never see any ads in our widgets!

  • Multiple Instagram accounts

    Simple management of multiple Instagram accounts.

  • Hashtag filtering

    If you don't want to show your entire feed, you can show only posts with given hashtags.

  • 3 different type of widgets

    You can choose from 3 base types of widgets - grid, slider and masonry.

  • A lot of customizable options

    Each base widget type has many configurable options. Padding, hovers, captions, image formats and much more!

  • Custom CSS

    Not enough options? You can write your own custom CSS to adjust the widget to your needs!

  • 99% of supported websites

    If your website support iframes you should be able to install our widget on your page!

  • Copy and paste installation

    Create your widget, copy the code and paste it to your website. No coding skills required:)

  • Tutorials

    Step by step tutorials showing how to install widget in most popular CMS

  • Support

    Having trouble? Let us know! We reply to every support ticket!