What is Instagram access token?

We are using Instagram API in order to display your pictures, videos and info about your account in our widgets. In order to get the data we need to create widget for you we built our LightWidget App which was approved in review process by Instagram. When you log in for the first time you will notice a popup on Instagram page. Popup below is example for @lightwidget user.

When you click Authorize button you grant us access to access your data via Instagram API and access token is created. By using created access token we obtain data from Instagram API in secure way.

What will happen if access token expires?

It is important to keep access token valid and not expired. If token will expire or will be removed by the user we will no longer be able to update the widgets with latest content from Instagram account. It can cause errors or missing pictures in our widgets.

How to refresh access token?

Please read this article here – How to refresh access token? It contains instructions how to get new Instagram access token for your account.

How to revoke access for your app?

It is possible to revoke access and make access token inactive. Please follow the instructions on this tutorial – How to revoke access?

Comments (6)

  • @grendelblitz

    Hello. Thank you for this service and product. I have created numerous "test' widgets and have since deleted all but one. I am no longer able to create new widgets. Is there a limit to the amount a user is able to create? Once, deleted, I would have hoped to create new replacement widgets. Thank you! \m/


    • @lightwidget

      Hi there! We don't have any particular limits but we watch for the abuses of our services. You might be temporarily locked out from creating new widgets. If you still have some issues and you are not able to create new widgets, please create a support ticket. We will have a look:))


  • @kronepersianas

    Hola. tengo mi token activo pero no me actualiza el contendo el widget en la web, realice el upgrade pero no funciona, que puedo hacer?


  • @artanddesign.school

    @ artanddesign.school My Instagram access token has not expired. I have a problem with images not updating and pictures letting go. Can you fix it for me


    • @aprilmeiho

      Me too! Ive tried everything that has been suggested by the support page but my images still are appearing as as broken! Please help!


  • @iamwatamate

    Tried everything that has been suggested by the support page but my images still are appearing as as broken! Please help!


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