How to refresh access token?

If you don’t know what Instagram access token is, please read this article first. There are 3 methods of refreshing your access token.


Access token page when you are not logged in

In order to refresh your Instagram access token via access token page when you are not logged in:

  1. Visit following page –
  2. Click Refresh the token button.


If you are not logged in to Instagram you need to log in with your account. The account you will log into will obtain new access token. You should be redirected to our website and see message about new access token.

Refreshed access token alert


If you have widgets connected to your account they will be added to our refresh queue. Few minutes after that all your widgets should be refreshed with new access token.


Access token page for logged in users

If you are already logged in to LightWidget, you will see different options on access token page. You can check status of your access token and your access token history.

If your access token is active you do not have to refresh the token. If you see message that it’s not active you need to refresh the token.


Simply click Update your access token button and it will receive new token.

You can read more about this section in following article – How to check if my access token is active?


New access token on login

Alternative way is just to simply log in to our website. It will have exactly same effect as method above. Use Log in button in top menu to log yourself in.

When you log in to our website we check your access token. If token is expired we update during log in process.

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