400 Session Invalid error

The 400 Session Invalid error might occur when you try to use the Consumer connection on our website to connect a new account or to refresh the token. In most cases, the problem appears as follows: Instagram should redirect you back to our service once you confirm access to our app. Instead, the white screen and 400 Session Invalid occur on the Instagram website.

Unfortunately, there is no known fix for this error. We and various developers have reported it multiple times to Meta’s team. Despite our collective efforts, the official reply was that it was fixed (it wasn’t) or that they couldn’t reproduce the problem

Because the issue occurs on the Instagram website, not on our page, we are unable to fix that issue from our end.

The “trick” that worked for many people goes as follows:

  1. Wait a little bit before you try again. If you receive the 400 Session Invalid error message and you try one more time immediately, this method will not work.
  2. Turn off your mobile device’s Wi-Fi and switch to the cellular network (4G/5G/LTE). You should then have a different IP address.
  3. Open the Instagram website in your mobile browser (not the Instagram app).
  4. Log in to the Instagram website as the account you wish to connect or refresh the token for.
  5. Visit the Access token refreshing tool page.
  6. Click the Consumer connection button.
  7. Grant access to our app.
  8. Instagram should redirect you back to our website without dealing with a 400 Session Invalid error message.

Other solutions

Some users reported that the following actions helped solve the issue:

  1. Using the Browser’s Incognito mode or private mode.
  2. Trying a different device or using a different browser.
  3. Trying from a different IP. If you are on the Wi-Fi, try using the cellular network (4G/5G/LTE) from your mobile device or another Wi-Fi network.
  4. Logging out, logging back in on the Instagram website, and trying connecting/refreshing the token again.
  5. Waiting an hour and trying with the Incognito mode in the browser again.

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  • Simple fix: Switch to incognito, log into instagram, open new tab log into light widget refresh… Cheers!


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