New feature – language

Hello everyone! We just released a new feature – customizable widget language!

Instagram widget language

Previously all the texts in widgets such as “Follow”, “Number of followers”, etc. were displayed only in English. We’ve added the option to choose which language the widget should be displayed in. You can choose one of the nearly 50 different languages! This feature is available both in the free and in the upgraded widgets.

Apart from the captions we also started to set the lang attribute in <html> tag in our widgets. Previously it was omitted, but since the language can be now customizable we started to add it by default to all of the widgets. If your website is in a language other than English we recommend editing your widget settings and changing the language from English to the proper one.

How to set the language of the Instagram widget?

You can set the widget language by expanding the Advanced section of the widget creator. You should see the Widget language select where you can choose in which language your widget should be displayed.

Screenshot showing the widget language selector.

In case if the language that you are looking for is not present on the list, please create a support ticket and let us know about it. We can add more languages!

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