New feature - click event

New feature – click event

Another new feature is here – click event action. Now you can decide what will happen when user clicks on the picture in your widget.

Click action – Go to post

This is our default action. It was here since the beginning of LightWidget. When user clicks on the picture in your widget, larger preview on Instagram website will appear. We always redirect users to your content to Instagram page or app (if user has one installed on his mobile device).

Click action – Go to profile

This is one of the new options. Instead showing given post, you can show your profile. No matter which picture or video user clicks, he will always see your profile.

It is perfect for users with private profiles. If your Instagram profile visibility is set to private you can still display pictures in your widget. But when the user clicks on the photo and does not follow you on Instagram, he will not have access to your post 😕.

When you change click action from Go to post to Go to profile, he will see your profile with message that he/she should follow you to see your photos and videos.

Click action – Block click

Another new option. Some users asked us if it is possible to block clicks, so users can stay on the website instead being redirected to Instagram website. So we added such possibility.

When you set click action to Block click, all images will be visible, but they will be not clickable.

Even if you use this option, add some kind of Instagram icon or some button on your website that will lead to your Instagram profile. Followers matters, right 😁?

Do people really click on the posts in the widgets?

Yes! Believe it or not, but there is lot of clicks in our widgets every day. For example, just yesterday (28.11.2018) we had almost 100k clicks – 99,483 to be exact😲

How to use this new feature?

When you create your widget (or edit your upgraded widget), simply choose desired action from Click action option. This feature is available for all widgets. Both free and upgraded.

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  • Is there a way I can redirect the images to my blog post?


    • Hi there! We don't support this click event directly, but you can create an overlay over the widget and link it to any URL you wish. It has some downsides like disabling hover effects etc. Please create a support ticket and provide us with more details, we will try to figure it out:)


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