How to set custom padding?

How to set custom padding?

How to set custom padding?

Hello everyone!

This is our first blog post here. We decided to create short articles in addition to our Twitter feed. Sometimes 140 character limitation on Twitter is too short to express our thoughts and let you know about new features.

Custom padding – new feature

We had lot of requests from our users to give them more freedom when it comes to padding. By padding we understand amount of free space between the photos in our Instagram widget.

Previously padding was fixed. You could only turn it off or on. It was not possible to set custom amount of free space, which was pain for lot of users.

Until now! We changed the old checkbox to custom value. By default padding is 2 pixels, but if you want to increase or decrease it you can provide custom value. You can set amount between 0 and 30 pixels.

If you want to remove the padding completely in our Instagram Widget, just set value to 0. It will act the same as in previous version when you checked “Remove photo padding” option.

Some examples here:

When thing goes wrong….

Yes, sometimes we made mistakes. The latest mistake was connected to new feature – custom padding. We deployed our API that is responsible for generating the widgets. Unfortunately it was released to production server a bit too(on Tuesday afternoon). The result was padding set to 0 in large part of the widgets, even if “Remove photo padding” option was not set. We are really sorry for that, it was our mistake. Soon all widgets should have correct amount of padding, just like they were configured at the beginning.

150 million views

Today we are also celebrating new record! We have 150 000 000 views within 30 days period. This is amazing and we sincerely thank all of our users for such a great support!

Number of people that are using our widgets is growing really fast. Not so long ago (13.08.2015), we announced that we break 100 million views barrier. And today we have 50% more! Waiting now for 200 million views!

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