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How to set custom padding?

We are introducing custom padding - a new feature in our widget creator that allows for greater control over the space between the posts. And also... welcome to our new blog!

What is padding?

Padding in CSS/HTML is a term used to describe the space between the content and the border of an element. It adds extra space within a component, allowing for more whitespace around the content.
In the case of our widgets, it means the spacing between the posts in your Instagram widget.

How does the new custom padding feature work?

We had a lot of requests from our users to give them more freedom when it came to padding. In the previous version, our users couldn’t change the fixed value. The only option would be to turn the padding on or off. Setting a custom amount of free space was impossible, which was a pain for many users.

We changed the old checkbox to a custom value. By default, padding is 2 pixels, but if you want to increase or decrease it, you can provide a custom value. You can set the amount between 0 and 50 pixels.

If you want to eradicate the padding in your Instagram widget, just set the value to 0. It will act the same as in the previous version when you check the “Remove photo padding” option.

The new option is in the Layout section of the widget creator.

Screenshot from widget creator showing padding option.

Custom padding helps to create a visually appealing Instagram feed on your website. The extra space can improve the overall design of a webpage.

Disabling the padding can also make the design appear cleaner and more consistent and help optimize the available space’s use. However, it’s important to note that removing the padding from the widget entirely may only be appropriate for some designs, as it can impact the readability and usability of the content.

We recommend setting the padding to a similar value as on the other galleries on your website to keep the design consistent and ensure the best possible user experience.

This feature is available for all of our users. Create a widget to customize the spacing between the photos in your Instagram feed!

Side note – a new blog

You are reading the first post on our new blog. We decided to create short articles in addition to our Twitter feed. Sometimes 140, character limitation on Twitter is too short and leaves little room for detail. 

From now on, we will post about the new features on our website here and leave links to the article on our social media channels.

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