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New login method

This article covers the latest feature, a new login method, and its benefits for our users. Learn how this new method can benefit your workflow in LightWidget.

Reasons behind the change

Before, there were only two methods of logging into your account using social media – Login via Facebook and Instagram (now deprecated). 

There were three main pain points:

  1. The user must have an Instagram account. It could have been more convenient for the users building websites for their clients. They had to sign up for Instagram to use our service. 
  2. To access the widget for another Instagram account, users must log out of their current session and log back into our website. It was a problem, especially if they had multiple Instagram accounts.
  3. Sometimes, the Instagram account can be blocked, or someone will hack it. In such a case, the user would lose access to their widget and have to contact us to migrate it to another account.

The new login method solves all of these problems.

Email and password as a default login method

From now on, you can create a user account on LightWidget using your email address. You don’t need an Instagram account if you plan to make the widget for your clients. Suppose you’re a developer intending to use our service to generate customer feeds. In that case, we strongly suggest you review our article How to create a widget for your client? for better understanding and guidance.

Once you create a user account, you can log in on our redesigned login page:

Screenshot showing LightWidget login form.

How to switch from social media login to email and password?

Create a new user account if you don’t have one already. In your dashboard, please connect your Instagram account.

Select the Consumer connection if you usually use Login with Instagram on our Login page. 

Select the Business connection if you use Login with Facebook.

It will import all of the widgets to your newly created user account. From now on, you can log in using your email and password. It will give you access to your content even when you can’t access your Instagram account.

Connecting multiple Instagram accounts

A new user account brings another improvement – you can now manage multiple Instagram accounts and widgets from one place. Each user on LightWidget can connect as many Instagram accounts as they want.

When creating the widget, select the desired account by expanding the Content section and pick the one you wish to choose in the Instagram account drop-down. 

Emails used during checkout

During the checkout procedure, we ask for the email address. We don’t automatically create a user account based on this email. If you purchased the add-ons in the past and you will try to log in with the email used during checkout, you might get an error saying that the account does not exist.

Create a new user account and connect your Instagram account from the widget associated with the order to import your Instagram widget with the upgrade add-on.

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