New login method

Hi there! Today we released new method of logging in to your account. Many people (mostly developers) asked for such feature. And here it is!

How it works?

Before there were only two methods of logging in to your account. Both required having valid Instagram account. Either you could log in via Instagram or via Facebook.

From now on you can also create the account using your e-mail address. It still requires connecting Instagram account in order to generate the widget, but you can connect it after you log in.

This is how new login page looks like

Benefits of logging in via e-mail

There are some additional benefits when it comes to creating account via e-mail address.

You can connect more than one Instagram account.

Before if you had two Instagram accounts, for instance one for work and one personal and you wanted to generate the widget for both of them, it required logging out and back in. From now on you can add multiple Instagram accounts to your user account. You can simply choose which account you want to connect to your widget by selecting it from the dropdown when you create new widget.

You can still access all your widgets if you lose access to your Instagram account.

It sometimes happens that the Instagram account will be blocked or someone will hack it. Previously it was not possible to access and modify your widget if you couldn’t log in to your Instagram account. From now on it will not be a problem. You can access your widgets even if you can’t access your Instagram account.

Can I still log in using my Instagram account?

Yes, you can still log in using Connect with Instagram and Connect with Facebook methods. Nothing has changed here. However in upcoming weeks we will start to ask for your e-mail address, so you will have an alternative way of logging in.

If you want to be able to log in with your e-mail address now, you can create an account with the e-mail. Once you are logged in simply connect your existing Instagram account in the dashboard. All the widgets will be migrated automatically to your new e-mail based account.

I can’t log in using the e-mail from my order!

E-mails that you’ve provide during checkout procedure are only used to set details about your upgraded widget along with the invoice for the order. It can’t be used to log in. If you want to log in using this e-mail address, please create new account and connect your Instagram account. Your widgets will be migrated to e-mail based account.

Also the e-mail from expired access token notifications cannot be used to log in at the moment.

New things for developers/agencies coming soon

Introducing e-mail based accounts are the first step to provide web developers and agencies with new tools. Now you don’t need the Instagram account to log in to your account. Some developers had to create fake account on Instagram to be able to create widgets for their clients.

Very soon we will release some new features. You will be able to create and manage the widgets from your client’s Instagram accounts:)

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