New slideshow options

Hello, everyone! Today we released 3 new configurable options to our slideshow type of widgets:

  1. Turning on/off the automatic slide transitions
  2. Configurable time between slide transitions
  3. Manual navigation with extra settings

How does the slideshow work before?

Before today’s release the slideshow has only few dedicated customizable options. Basically slideshow was changing slides automatically every 4 seconds. There was no navigation possibility to change slideshow.

We received many questions if it’s possible to slow down the slides transitions, because they were way too fast for some of our users. Another common request was about the option to add arrows to the slideshow, so users can navigate manually between the slides.

We always listen to such requests and the most requested features are released! Today we present 3 new options dedicated to slideshow widget. Each one is described below:)

Turning on/off the automatic slide transitions

From now on you have the option to turn on and off automatic slide transitions. By default this option is turned on. When it’s turned on the slideshow will automatically change slides.

If you turn the automatic transitions off, please make sure that you enable navigation to your slider. Otherwise the widget will act just as a grid widget with 1 row!

Our recommendation is to leave that option turned on. The slides will automatically change without user interaction 🤗

Configurable time between slide transitions

By default the slider will move after 4 seconds. If this is too fast (or too slow) for you, now there is the option to change the slideshow speed.

This option is only visible when automatic slide transition is turned on.

You can set transition time between 0,5 second (super fast!) and 20s (very slow). Adjust this settings to your needs:)

Manual navigation with extra settings

There is an option to add previous/next slide arrows to slideshow. By default the navigation is hidden. There are 3 different options you can set:

  • Hidden – navigation is always hidden
  • Visible – navigation is always visible
  • Visible on hover – navigation is only visible on widget hover

When the navigation is set to Hidden it simply will not be displayed in your widget.

If you set the navigation to Visible, arrows will be always visible on the left and right side of your widget.

If you set it to Visible on hover, by default the navigation arrows will not be visible. But when you will move your mouse over to the widget, it will appear. If you are looking for minimalist style, this it the option to go!

If you need to change the background color of the arrows, here is the snippet you can use in Custom CSS field:

.lightwidget__nav .lightwidget__nav-button:hover { background-color: #ffffff; }

How to implement new options?

If you like the new options and you would like to implement them in your widget, simply create new widget or edit your upgraded widget settings and apply new options! If you need some help with editing widget settings we have an article explaining how to do that here: How to edit your widget settings?

Reminder about legacy Instagram API deprecation

This is just a reminder about deprecation of legacy Instagram API. As you might hear the legacy Instagram API will be deprecated. We have more detailed article about it here – New Instagram APIs.

What you need to do? If you logged in to our website with Facebook and you’ve migrated your content, there is nothing you must do:)

If you usually log in to our website using “Connect with Instagram”, please make sure that you log in one more time and authorize our app if needed.

How did you like the new features? If you have some ideas of the things you would like to see in our widget or on our website, let us know in the comments down below or submit a support ticket with your thoughts!

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