Upgrade process updates

If you use our website a lot you might notice that from some time we add a little upgrades to our upgrade process. In last month we finished the entire process. Below you can find the list of most important changes.

Upgrade is now add-on

We basically renamed the “widget upgrade” to “Widget upgrade add-on”. It has the same functionality as previous version. No changes here. The main reason is that we plan to release more add-ons in near future and we had to find some common name.

Also the entire page has changed. It contains more information about the add-on and list of all your widgets. So you can basically choose the widget from the list, instead of copy+paste the widget code. But latter option is still available.

Multiple widget upgrades at once

Previously if you wanted to upgrade 2 or more widgets you had to go through the upgrade process from the start. Some users were asking if it would be possible to make batch upgrades.

We added such possibility. When you apply the add-on to your widget instead of going straight to checkout page you can see your cart. You can add multiple widgets to your cart and upgrade them all in one go!

There is also an option to apply coupon code. If you plan to upgrade multiple widgets, contact us first using our Support form. We offer some discounts on multiple widget upgrades:)

New payment gateway

Previously it was possible to pay only with PayPal. In some countries like Turkey PayPal is not available and our users asked us to add another way of payment. We added another payment gateway – PayU. Now you can pay using your credit/debit card by using this provider.

You can read more about PayU here – About PayU. Just like with PayPal, we don’t store any logins, credit card numbers etc. on our servers. Everything is kept securely on respective payments providers.

More information after the upgrade

When you apply the upgrade to your widget and you make a payment you will get more detailed info about your enhanced widget.

New page contains a lot more details about how to edit your widget, how your embed code looks like. There are also links to tutorials, short FAQ and more.

The same information will also be send to the e-mail address provided during checkout process. We also finally deprecated the old e-mail address – instansive[at]gmail[dot].com after we changed our brand name.

New e-mails are send from new e-mail address in lightwidget.com domain. When you reply to this e-mail you will automatically create a support ticket.

New PDF invoices

We redesigned our PDF invoices. Now the invoice is attached to the e-mail mentioned in previous paragraph. You can also find all the invoices for your orders on your Billing page.

Other changes

There are also a lot of other changes, such as improved validation on checkout page, restyled sections, small bug fixes and lot more. But the most important parts are outlined above:)

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