Rebranding – new name is: Lightwidget

Instansive changed the name to LightWidget. It is still responsive widget for Instagram, but under new name. There are various of reasons why we changed the name from Instansive to LightWidget.

Instansive was combination of two words – Instagram and Responsive which fitted perfectly as a name for our service. We wanted to offer responsive widget for Instagram photos. However responsive design is somehow a difficult word for regular people. By regular people we mean most of our users. Of course there are webdevelopers and designers that are using our service, and they know very well what responsive design is. But lot of them don’t know what responsiveness exactly is.
They just want to have nice widget that they can place on their website.

Another reason is that result of our research shows, that Instansive is hard to remember and sometimes, difficult to pronounce.

We also wanted to be 100% fair to Instagram and their policy of naming applications that are using their great API.

So we decided to rename our service. After hundred names and different variations we picked up name LightWidget. We think that it’s nice, easy to remember and somehow reflects the nature of our widgets. We constantly strive to make our widgets lighter and faster. We are still rewriting some widget variations, but new widgets are based on pure and lightweight JavaScript instead of large libraries such as jQuery.

Will my widget continue to work with domain?

Yes, your widget will still work under domain. You don’t need to change anything in your widget, it should work out of the box.

All new widgets will be generated with domain.

New name – name infrastructure

When we changed the name of our service to LightWidget, we also changed our server infrastructure. Unfortunately we reached the limits of our previous setup. Even after optimization of everything that we could think of, during the most busy periods, our servers simply couldn’t handle the traffic.

Yes, right now we are having way more than 200,000,000 every month, handling more than 24,000 website every month. Everyday there are hundreds of new widgets generated. It’s great for us, because within just 7 months we doubled the number of views from 100,000,000 to 200,000,000 😀

But this is serious drawback when it comes to our infrastructure. Recently we had some stability issues, delays in refreshes and lack of access to some servers for few minutes everyday.

LightWidget is currently working on new infrastructure. We have more powerful servers with latest possible software installed. We hope that it will have positive impact on general performance.

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