Illustration showing a paint brush hiding the Instansive text and revealing the LightWidget text.

Rebranding – the new name is: Lightwidget

Instansive is now LightWidget! The same excellent service, new name, and brand identity. We're excited about this next chapter and look forward to continuing to serve you as LightWidget.

Why we changed our name? 

There are three main reasons why we changed the name from Instansive to LightWidget.

Instansive was a combination of two words – Instagram and Responsive which fitted perfectly as a name for our service. We wanted to offer a responsive widget for Instagram accounts.

Responsive (design) is a web design approach that ensures a website looks good and works well on any device or screen size. It automatically adjusts the layout and content to fit the screen. The responsive word is somehow a problematic word for “regular” people. By “regular” people, we mean most of our users. Of course, some web developers and designers are using our service, and they know very well what responsive design is. The rest of our users might need to learn what responsiveness exactly is.

The second reason is that our research shows that Instansive is hard to remember and, sometimes, difficult to pronounce.

The last reason is that we want to be 100% fair to Instagram and its policy of naming applications using its great API. Using part of the Instagram word in the app is forbidden. Instansive contained a part of this name; hence we had to change it.

The new name – LightWidget

After hundred names and different variations, we picked up the name LightWidget. It’s nice, easy to remember, and reflects the nature of our widgets. We constantly strive to make our Instagram widgets lighter and faster. 

What does the new name mean for you?

With a new name, there is a new domain – We added a redirect from to Your embed codes will still work under the domain. You don’t need to change anything in your widget and website; it works out of the box.

If you want to remove the additional redirect from to, you can replace the old embed code with a new one. It will make the widget load faster. 

Here you can find instructions showing where to find a new embed code – Where can I find my widget embed code? 

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