New Instagram APIs

In order to get data about your profile and posts you upload to your Instagram account we use Instagram APIs.

At the time of writing this article there are 3 official APIs:

  1. Instagram Graph API
  2. Instagram Basic Display API
  3. legacy Instagram API

Legacy Instagram API

It was the first official API released by Instagram. We supported it from the very beginning of LightWidget. It allows to get all required information in order to create a widget on our website.

As you may be aware this API will be deprecated on June 29, 2020 (previously set dates are March 31 and March 02, 2020). It means that we will no longer be able to use it to create or refresh the widgets.

Instagram Graph API

Fortunately Facebook released two new APIs that replaces legacy Instagram API. One of them is new Instagram Graph API. This API supports only Instagram Professional accounts – Business and Creator accounts. It has tons of new features compared to legacy API. We are already using it on our website. When you choose the option “Connect with Facebook” you will be using new Instagram Graph API.

Who can not use the new API? There are two cases here:

  • You have personal Instagram account
  • You don’t have Facebook page connected to your Instagram account

If you have personal account, you will not be able to use “Connect with Facebook” option on our website. You need to use “Connect with Instagram” instead.

New Graph API forces the authentication through Facebook and one of the requirements is to have Facebook page that your Instagram account is connected to. If you just have the Professional account, that is not connected to Facebook page, you will not be able to log in.

Instagram Basic Display API

This API was released after the Instagram Graph API. It supports all Instagram accounts but it also comes with some limitations.

For instance, when using this API there is no information about number of likes and comments per posts, access to number of your followers, your profile picture etc. So for instance if you have the widget with hover effect Show number of likes and comments it will show 0. In order to activate it, you will need to change your Instagram account from personal to Professional.

I connected my widget using “Connect with Facebook”. What now?

If you connected your account using “Connect with Facebook” method, you don’t need to worry about anything 😎 . This is one of the new APIs and it’s not going to be deprecated.

If you connected your account before with “Connect with Instagram” and now with “Connect with Facebook”, most probably you will want to migrate your account. We have a tool for it here:

I connected my account using “Connect with Instagram”. What now?

If you connected your account using “Connect with Instagram” you simply need to log in to our website one more time. You will be asked to grant us permissions as usual and that’s it! Once you log in, your account will be automatically migrated from legacy Instagram API to new Instagram Basic Display API.

Alternatively, if you have Instagram Professional account, you can use “Connect with Facebook” to use new Instagram Graph API. Please don’t forget to migrate your account using this tool after you log in 😉

What if I will not take any actions?

If you will not take any actions, your access token will expire on the day when legacy API is going to be deprecated ( March 2, 2020 ). Your widgets will stop display your photos. You will have to refresh your access token or log back in to our website to switch to new API.

If you have set up e-mail notifications for expired access tokens, you will receive an e-mail from us.

Further changes

Soon we will start implementing new methods for logging in into your account. You will be able to log in and create your account using your e-mail address. As for now we only allow to log in using Facebook or Instagram.

It will give our users some new features. For instance users will be able to manage multiple accounts from single session without switching back and forth like it is today.

There will be also some new tools for developers and agencies using LightWidget, but more on that soon:)

I have some issues after the migration to new API.

If you have some issues after you migrated your account, please let us know using our support page.

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