LightWidget and Drupal

If You want to place our responsive Instagram widget into Your Drupal based website, here is the guide how to do that. No additional modules needed. If You are looking for the module please check the information at the bottom of this page. In few simple steps I will show You how to insert LightWidget into Drupal website. 

Responsive Instagram Widget with Drupal1. First of all You need to install Drupal. But if You are looking for widget I assume that You already have it installed. If not, please install and configure it first. Instruction how to install LightWidget into Drupal is based on Drupal 7 version. But it will work in any other version as well.


login to drupal2. Login as administrator or to any account that have permission to configure Block section.




Create new block3. From menu pick Structure and Blocks.  Click Add Block button to create new one.








Title of Your block4. Name Your block as You wish. Text will be displayed in block header.  In our case we want to create block with #extremesport hashtag from Instagram. Add description of Your block, it’s helpful to know what particular block does.





Example of instagram widget5. If You didn’t generate any widget yet, please do it now. Go to our main page and generate the widget as You wish. In our example we will use this config:


Number of columns – 2


Number of rows – 4


Using image preloader

Press Generate! button and copy the code from field below.





Example body field6.  Now that is the most important part of this tutorial. Paste the copied code of generated widget from previous step into Body field. Under Body field from Text format field choose Full HTML. This is really important. If You’ll leave default Filtered HTML widget will not work. That’s because Drupal will filter the HTML code from Body field and remove tags that are not permitted.










Block settings7.  You can adjust more options like regions where the block should appear. I prefer to do that from Block menu. Press Save Block button. Find Your block on the list. Make sure that it has some region selected (not -none-). Place it wherever You wish and click Save button at the bottom of the page. Refresh Your website and tada! Here it is;) Responsive Instagram Widget on Drupal Website!






Final result!
Drupal Module with Responsive Instagram Widget

Hope that that’s enough for You and You’ll be able to add LightWidget to Your Drupal website;) If You will have any problems use our contact form to ask questions.

We also plan to add dedicated module for Drupal with LightWidget. So You will be able to install it and configure everything without using LightWidget website to generate the widget.