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@media all and ( : px)
Amount of space between pictures (in pixels). Set to 0 to remove padding.
Trim caption to given number of characters. 0 for no trimming.

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P.S. This is free version. You can use it without any limitations! But please keep in mind that Your widget will refresh (pull new photos from Instagram) once per day only! Also HTTPS is not available in free widgets. If You want to have more frequent updates and HTTPS enabled You can upgrade Your widget in 5 minutes! 10$ only (one time fee, no recurring payment)

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How to add LightWidget to your website?

LightWidget is a responsive widget for Instagram. You can embed our widgets on your website, blog, online store etc. You can generate various types of widgets with multiple options like hover effects, captions, padding, square crops, hashtag filtering and more. Each widget can support breakpoints so you can adjust how the widget will be displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile. Please use our generator to create an awesome widget and copy the embed code to your website:)