LightWidget and Shopify

This is short tutorial for embedding our LightWidget – responsive widget for Instagram on Shopify pages.

There is no need for installing any additional plugins, nor creating API keys on Instagram pages.

Process is relatively easy. Within few steps you will have Instagram widget on your Shopify page!

Please note, that Shopify is mostly HTTPS based. We offer HTTPS support only in upgraded widgets. Please upgrade your widget first in order to display our widget properly on Shopify pages. If you will use free widget, you will only see a widget with information about the upgrade

shopify-bag1. You need to have access to theme administration on your Shopify store in order to use our widget.


Shopify login2. Start with logging in to your Shopify account.







Pages on Shopify3.After you log in, click on Online store button in the menu and next click on Pages. Choose the page where you want to add our widget. For instance Home page. Click on the title. You will get to edit mode.








Show HTML button on Shopify4. From the menu, click on Show HTML button. Make sure that you have our widget code ready.




LightWidget widget on Shopify page!5. Paste our embed code in place where you want to have our widget located. We want our widget to be on the bottom of the page so we added it at the end of the page.





LightWidget and Shopify!6. Save changes and go to your Home page. You will see our widget on your page!





You can place our widget in every place where you have the Show HTML button.

You can also place our widget in your footer for instance. Go to your theme options where you can configure the footer. Copy our widget in Contact text for instance and save the changes.