How to remove the Instagram account?

This tutorial shows how to remove/disconnect an Instagram account connected using a consumer/business connection from your user account on LightWidget.

Step 1 – log in to your user account.

Screenshot from our login page.

First, you need to log in to your user account. Use your email and password to access your user account.

Step 2 – go to the list of your accounts.

Screenshot showing selected Accounts option from the user menu.

From the menu in your dashboard, click on the Accounts link. It will take you to the list of all connected Instagram accounts.

Step 3 – remove the account.

Screenshot showing the Remove account button in the dropdown menu.

Click the three dots button in the top right corner of the account you want to remove. It will open the menu with the options for a given Instagram account. Click on the Remove account button.

The modal with confirmation will pop up. Click the Delete button in the modal to confirm the removal.

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