I can’t log in using my e-mail address

If you have some troubles with logging into your account using your e-mail address, please try the tips from this article.

Error about email used for order.

You are trying to login to your user account on our website or you are trying to reset password but you get following error:

“This email address was used for the order but the account has not been created...”

In such case it means that the your need to create new user account. Before 18.05.2020 in order to create a widget users have the possibility to login using either “Connect with Instagram” or “Connect with Facebook”. It was not possible to login or create the account using e-mail and password.

E-mail addresses that were used in following places:

  • E-mail field in checkout form
  • E-mail field in e-mail notifications for expired access tokens

due to security reasons will not work on login page. If you want to use this e-mail address, you will need to create new account first.


  1. Please create account using your e-mail address first on Create account page.
  2. Once you will be logged in you should see your Dashboard
  3. In Instagram accounts section connect there is a box with title “Connect new account”. Please connect your existing Instagram account using either Facebook or Instagram.
  4. If there are some widgets created for new account, they will be automatically migrated to your user account. You can find all the widgets on My widgets page.

Alternative solution:

If you don’t want to create the new account using your e-mail address, you can still access your account using either “Login with Instagram” or “Login with Facebook” buttons on Login page.

User does not exists.

If during login you will get following error message:

Unable to find user with given e-mail address.” 

there are three possibilities:

  1. You are using incorrect e-mail address. Please try to login using your other e-mail address. If you have some troubles with finding valid e-mail address, please use our Support form and submit new ticket.
  2. You didn’t create the account yet. For instance you’ve logged in using either Instagram or Facebook methods. In such case please follow the tips from “Account is not yet created” section.
  3. Double check if you are not affected by issue with order described in first part of this article.

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