Unrecognized email address during login

If your email address is not recognized when you try to sign in, please try the tips from this article.

In this support article, we cover two most common problems:

  1. Error about email used in the order.
  2. Error about not found user.

Error about email used for the order.

You are trying to login to your user account on our website, or you are trying to reset your password, but you get the following error:

The order used this email address, but the customer still needs to create the account.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please create an account using your email address first on Create Account page.
  2. You should see your dashboard after you log in to your new user account.
  3. In the Instagram accounts section connect your Instagram account. Connect the account from which you see the photos in the widget. 
  4. Your user account will import the widgets from the connected Instagram account. 
  5. If it did not import any widgets, please try a different connection method. If you tried a consumer connection and did not import anything, please try a business connection. Conversely, if you attempted a business connection, please consider trying the consumer connection instead.
  6. You can find all the widgets on the My Widgets page.

This error occurs if you purchased a widget upgrade add-on in the past and did not create an account during checkout. 

Due to security reasons, such email addresses will not work on the login page unless you create a new user account.

Error about not found user.

If during login, you will get the following error message:

Unable to find a user with a given email address.

There are three possibilities:

  1. The most common issue – you didn’t create the account yet. For instance, you’ve logged in using either Instagram or Facebook methods. In such a case, please follow the exact instructions in the Error about email used for the order section of this article, create a new user account, and re-connect your Instagram account.
  2. You are using an incorrect email address. Please try to log in using your other email address. If you need help finding a valid email address, please use our Support form and submit a new ticket.
  3. Double-check if you are not affected by an issue with the order described in the first part of this article.

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