Login with Instagram does not work

Due to the requirements for apps, like LightWidget, which are using the official Instagram API, we have to disable the direct option to log in with Instagram. For now, the option “Login with Instagram” on our login page is still working, but there is an alert about the deprecation. This article will show you the new method of logging in.

Step 1 – create a user account on LightWidget

If this is your first time on the LightWidget website or if you always logged in using “Login with Instagram” you will need to create an email-based user account first on this page – Create an account.

If by any chance you already have an email-based user account, instead of creating a new one, please log in to your existing account using your email and password.

Screenshot showing create account page.

Step 2 – connect your Instagram account using the Consumer connection

After you will create your email-based user account or if you will log in using your email and password you will see your Dashboard. In the Instagram account section please connect a new Instagram account using the Consumer method.

If there are already some widgets connected to your Instagram account because you used to log in using “Login with Instagram” directly, they will be imported to your user account.

Screenshot showing Consumer connection button.


I connected my Instagram account but the widgets were not imported

Please make sure that you’ve used the Consumer connection and not the Business connection method while connecting your account. Also, make sure that you’ve connected the Instagram account from which the photos are displayed in the widget.

Do I need to use the same email address that was used when I upgraded my widget?

No, you don’t need to use the same email address.

Do I need a new user account for each of my Instagram accounts?

It is not necessary. You can create one email-based user account and connect multiple Instagram accounts to one account.

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