Image optimization

The image optimization add-on provides the following benefits to your Instagram widget:

  • Automatic content updates every 30 minutes.
  • Advanced CDN for faster loading time.
  • Option to edit widget settings.
  • Email notifications for expired access tokens.
  • Images will be visible in the widget even if the token is expired.
  • Works on HTTPS websites.
  • Support for modern image formats such as Avif and WebP.
  • Provides multiple sizes of the images in the widget.
  • Improved loading time of the widget.
  • Improved Core Web Vitals.
  • 14-day free trial available

Price: $39 per year per widget

Differences between the widgets

Free Upgraded Image optimization
All basic features included in our widget creator like mobile options, footer, header, lightbox, load-more, etc.
Possibility to create and manage the widgets for your clients without asking for credentials.
The time during which new Instagram posts will appear in the widget.
24 hours 30 minutes 30 minutes
Widgets using CDN tend to load faster because the content loads from the closest node to the visitor of your website. CDN that we use has nodes in 120 countries worldwide.
Not included
A possibility to change the configuration in the widget creator without changing the embed code on your website.
Not available
The widget loads correctly if your website has an SSL/TLS certificate installed.
You can get an email notification when the connection between your Instagram account and our app expires.
Not included
Images are available in this default, widely supported format.
Additional, modern, widely supported image format. It offers better compression and a smaller file size compared to the JPEG.
Not supported Not supported
Offers even better compression and file size than WebP while keeping the same image quality.
Not supported Not supported
Images of different resolutions ensure a better user experience by optimizing image quality and loading times based on the viewer's device capabilities.
Not supported Not supported
When the connection between your Instagram account and our app expires, the photos stop loading in the widget.
No No
How fast the widget loads on the user's website and how it impacts Core Web Vitals.
Very fast
We do not limit the number of times the given widget can be viewed/loaded on your website.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
There are no 3rd party ads or our logos displayed in the widget.
None! None! None!
Each paid add-on has a 14-day free trial — no credit card needed.
Widget is free, no trial available
Price $0
One-time per widget
Yearly per widget
Upgrade now! Upgraded Upgrade now! Image optimization

Image optimization details

Support for modern image formats in Avif and WebP

Usually, Instagram returns photos from their API in the traditional JPEG format. Optimization add-on supports WebP and AVIF. These are better than JPEG because they provide superior image quality at smaller file sizes.

Delivering crisp, vibrant images with lightning-fast loading times empowers websites to stand out in a competitive landscape, captivate their audience, and enhance user engagement.

This add-on also covers older browsers with the fallback to the default JPEG format.

Multiple sizes of the images in the widget

By default, Instagram returns only one large photo size. The optimization add-on delivers multiple image sizes within the widget. It ensures optimal image rendering across different devices, improves website performance, and enhances user experience by displaying the most suitable image size.

Instead of loading a large, high-resolution image, the browser can fetch and display the most suitable version. This approach reduces the amount of data transferred over the network, minimizing bandwidth usage and enhancing page load speed.

Images will be visible in the widget even if the connection with Instagram is expired

The image optimization add-on offers a remarkable advantage by ensuring that images within the widget are still loaded even if the connection with Instagram is expired.

This functionality guarantees a seamless user experience and prevents the disruption of visual content on the website. It eliminates the risk of broken image links or empty spaces within the widget. It is a game-changer for website owners and visitors.

Improved loading time of the widget

Smaller image sizes achieved through optimization techniques and the use of modern formats like AVIF and WebP directly contribute to faster website loading. Reducing file sizes means less data needs to be transferred, resulting in shorter loading times.

Embracing these modern image formats with superior compression algorithms further amplifies the speed improvements, allowing images to be delivered and rendered swiftly, providing a seamless and efficient browsing experience for website visitors.

Improved Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are key performance metrics that assess and measure websites' user experience and performance. Websites that provide a better UX, measured by the Core Web Vitals metrics, may boost search rankings.

Image optimization impacts the Core Web Vitals metrics by improving LCP, reducing CLS, and decreasing TBT, leading to better user experiences and potentially higher search engine rankings.

Includes all the benefits from the widget upgrade add-on

The Image optimization includes everything that the widget upgrade add-on gives you:

  • Automatic content updates every 30 minutes.
  • Advanced CDN for faster loading time.
  • Option to edit widget settings.
  • Email notifications for expired access tokens.
  • Works on HTTPS websites.

Free trial

You can test this add-on for 14 days if you hesitate to purchase. No credit card or payment is required, and you can cancel anytime. You can find more details on the free trial page.

Yearly fee per widget

This add-on is valid for one year for one of your widgets. It is about 3$ USD monthly only. You can pay using either PayPal or a credit/debit card.