Widget Upgrade

Widget upgrade add-on adds following benefits to your widget:

✔ HTTPS enabled
✔ Advanced CDN for faster loading time
✔ More frequent refreshes
✔ Possibility to edit widget settings
✔ Access to e-mail notifications for expired access tokens
✔ 14-day free trial available
✔ One-time fee

Price: $10

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Widget upgrade details

Widget upgrade is basic add-on for your widget that enables some nice features. It costs 10 USD and it is one time payment.

HTTPS enabled

By default we serve our widgets only through HTTP protocol. It means that if your website is HTTPS based you will require to add this add-on to your widget.


Advanced CDN for faster loading time

With HTTPS you will also get access to advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN). It greatly speeds up loading times of our widget as they are load from closest node to your website visitor. We have over 150 nodes globally. It also adds better reliability and protection.


More frequent refreshes

By default we check if you posted any new picture every 24h. With this add-on we will check it every 30 minutes. It means that your newly posted pictures will appear in your widget much faster.


Possibility to edit widget settings

You will get access to special edit page where you can change every option of your widget without changing the code on your website.


Access to e-mail notifications for expired access tokens

We are using Instagram API to access your content posted on Instagram. When you log in to our website access token is created. We use it to get information about your latest pictures and videos. Due to Instagram policy this token expires from time to time. When it expires we will no longer be able to update our widgets with your recent content. If you upgrade at least one widget, you will get access to e-mail notifications. When your access token expires you will receive an e-mail where you will be able to refresh your access token.


One-time fee

This is one-time purchase only per widget, like an activation fee. No monthly/yearly payments:) It costs 10 USD only.


Free trial available

You can test this add-on for free for 14 days if you hesitate to purchase. No credit card or any form of payment is required, and you can cancel anytime. You can find more details on the free trial page.

Do you have any questions about this add-on? Use our Support page and submit a ticket:)