BigCartel requires paid plan to add custom HTML. BigCartel requires paid plan to add custom HTML. It is impossible to install our widget while on BigCartel’s free plan.

This tutorial shows how to install a responsive widget with photos and videos from your Instagram account on the BigCartel website.

BigCartel is an e-commerce platform dedicated to artists. As an artist, you certainly have an Instagram account. If you plan to add the photos from your Instagram to your BigCartel website, you are in a great place. You can easily integrate a responsive LightWidget feed into your BigCartel website!

This tutorial is not a getting-started guide for BigCartel. We assume you already have a working store based on the BigCartel website and a plan with Platinum or Diamond features. If you plan to start your journey with BigCartel, we recommend checking out this guide – How to set up BigCartel store. Configure your store, add the products, upgrade to one of the paid plans, and then return to this tutorial to add the Instagram widget.

There are two methods of adding a widget to your store:

  1. Adding the Instagram widget via custom Page
  2. Adding the Instagram feed via Code editing.

The first method is easy and does not require knowing the HTML and coding. The second one is more difficult but gives you many more options for where to place the widget.

Step-by-step instructions for a new Page.

Step 1 – log in to your BigCartel shop.

Screenshot showing login screen on BigCartel website.

Step 2 – go to your account settings.

Screenshot showing top navigation menu on BigCartel user dashboard with selected account link.

Click the Account link in the top navigation menu to see the list of your shops.

Step 3 – go into design mode.

Screenshot showing the design button on BigCartel account settings page.

In the Your shop section, click the Design button. It will take you to the design mode for your store.

Step 4 – switch to the Pages module.

Screenshot showing selected Pages menu option in BigCartel design mode.

You should see the menu on the top left side of the screen. By default, you edit the Settings options. Click on the Pages icon to customize the BigCartel pages.

Step 5 – insert media.

Screenshot showing the insert media icon on BigCartel page.

You can either create a new page or edit the existing one. If you want to create a new page, click the Add a new page button. If you’re going to add the Instagram widget to an existing page, click on the page’s name on the list of pages.

In the left menu, you should see the area where you can add the elements to the screen page. Click the Insert/edit media icon in the page toolbar. A modal titled Insert/Edit media will appear.

Step 6 – paste the LightWidget embed code.

Screenshot showing the Insert media modal on BigCartel website.

The General option is default selected on the modal’s left side. Please change it to the Embed option.

In the text area field labeled Paste your embed code below, please paste your widget embed code. Click the Save button to close the modal.

The widget might not look great in the preview for some configurations, but on the live website, it will work smoothly. Click the Done button in the top right corner of the left menu.

Step 7 – publish the changes.

Screenshot showing Publish button on BigCartel website.

The last step is to publish your page. Click the Publish button located in the editor footer. Voilà! The widget with Instagram photos from your Instagram account is visible on your BigCartel website!

Step-by-step instructions for code editing.

Adding the widget with photos from your Instagram account to your BigCartel store using the code editor is slightly more complicated. It requires at least basic knowledge of HTML. Inserting custom HTML in random places might break your store functionality, so proceed cautiously.

Step 1 – go to design mode.

The beginning is very similar to the instructions for adding a new Page.

  1. First, log in to your BigCartel store.
  2. Go to your Account settings.
  3. Click the Design button next to your store to enable design mode.

Step 2 – switch to Code mode.

Screenshot showing Code module selected in BigCartel designer.

You should see the menu on the top left side of the screen. Click on the Code link. It will take you to the page where you can edit your BigCartel theme files.

Step 3 – select the template to edit.

Screenshot showing list of available templates in BigCartel theme.

You should see the list of available templates. Based on the selected theme, the names or number of templates might be different.

You must select one of the templates based on the place to which you want to add the Instagram widget. If you click on a particular template, the preview should update to the page where the template file is being used. It helps determine if the template you edit is the correct place to add a widget.

This tutorial shows how to add the widget to the footer above the menu. It requires editing the Layout template, which is the main template and will be visible on all pages. If you want to add the widget only on the front page, the easiest method is to edit the Home template.

Step 4 – paste the widget embed code.

Screenshot showing LightWidget embed code pasted into the code editor on BigCartel website.

To be safe, copy the entire content you want to edit to your notepad or any other text editor. If something goes wrong, you can always restore the changes.

Find the place where you want to place the widget. You can start by adding text instead of code and look at the preview where it will appear. Ensure that your changes will not break the HTML semantics and validity. When you find the correct line, paste your widget embed code there.

On top of the screen, next to the name of the file you edit, there is a Done button. Click it. It will update the preview with your changes.

Step 5 – publish the changes.

Screenshot showing embedded Instagram widget in the footer of BigCartel page.

Lastly, click the Publish button. Publish button is in the bottom right corner of the screen. It will update your live version of the BigCartel website. You should be able to view the Instagram widget on your page🥳.

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