How can I change the settings of my widget?

Upgraded widgets

There are two ways how you can edit your widget settings:

  1. From widget info page
  2. By using special edit link

No matter which method you will use, widget embed code will remain the same.

From widget info page

Log in to your account first. Go to My widgets section by using your user menu. It is located in top right corner. Find your upgraded widget and click Show more link. You will be redirected to page with details about your widget.

In Widget info section you will find Edit widget link. Click it and you will be able to edit your widget settings.

By using special edit link

You can give permissions to edit your widget settings to your friend or customer. Follow the steps above to get to Edit widget page.

On the bottom of that page there is a Widget edit link section. You can use it to create unique link. Simply send this link to anyone you wish to give them permissions to edit your widget settings.

Free widgets

If you have free widget it is not possible to edit settings. You need to generate new widget and update code on your website.


  • Dipesh Sejpal

    I have not receive any mail after upgrading my widget.
    I also mail on support but did not get any response as yet.
    Please share details asap.
    Email :

    • Krystian

      We resend the email at the e-mail address you provided with the order (info@…) if you need it on another e-mail, please let us know.

      • Dipesh Sejpal

        I did not receive any mail.
        kindly mail me on

        • Dipesh Sejpal

          No reply

      • Dipesh Sejpal

        awaiting your quickest response

  • Vladimir Trubin

    Hello, you do not have a contact section, I wanted to change the widget, but I did not find a letter from you and you did not write to the contacts. please reply! Id 554cbededda55708ad659db20d0f0add My email:

  • Ana Christie

    I just upgraded my widget and would like to make some changes but I have not received any email from you. Please send the link right away. My email address is
    Thank you.

  • Kelly Stone

    I’ve upgraded my widget and gone to amend it and the settings are not changing

  • Антон Гиряев

    hi! any ways to change widget css?

  • earthdoglife

    I’d like to edit our upgraded widget but I can’t find the email – can you resend to please

  • Concepcion Ramos

    Hello, I want to change the widget,
    but I did not find a mail from you. please reply! Id 62600662dd345e9bbb0476809e1e01eb email:

  • Catherine Cliffe

    I upgraded my widget and want to change the settings but didn’t get an email from you. Can you help please? Also, your contact page doesn’t work.

  • Catherine Cliffe

    it seems to be common place that people are buying the premium and cannot update it. I want to update my code but I wasn’t sent an email so cannot do this, I can’t even use the free one as it doesn’t work on HTTPS. I have a slide version and want to change it to the grid but I am unable to so can’t use it despite paying you. There doesn’t seem to be any way of contacting you with a contact page full of errors! This is rather concerning to say the least!

  • Seb Pett

    hi there! Same problem, I upgraded my widget but did not receive email. Contact page doesn’t work. Can youi help me? best regards

  • Catherine Cliffe

    A week and no response. Seriously this is not good to take money off people and not offer what you said you were. Very disappointed!!!

    • Seb Pett

      catherine, I have the same opinion as you. Very disappointed. Do you know any other widget as this one? best regards

      • Catherine Cliffe

        Hi Seb, It’s terrible isn’t it! I have now used a plugin, I don’t know of another widget, I’m afraid. I looked at a few, and I found Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon to be the best I looked at. I saw a few people had recommended it on some Divi Facebook groups. If you wan’t to see it on my site it is on the social page. I have given up with this widget which is a shame as it did what I wanted, but cannot update it now. Good luck.

        • Seb Pett

          Catherine, I’m frustrated with this wodget. I’ll have a look at this one you tell me about right now. There was a problem with your site, but I’ll try again later. Good luck to you too! Thanks!!!!!!

          • Catherine Cliffe

            Hi Seb, I totally agree. Sorry, it’s a typo, i’s All the Best

          • Seb Pett

            amazing site catherine! loved it!

          • Catherine Cliffe

            Aww thank you Seb, I am just finishing it off, it’s taken a while!

  • Alexandra

    Hello! May I use my css for captions?

  • Robert Adams

    I upgraded my widget, but it is not upgraded. I like the widget, but I need it to work. I even got an email with a link to my account with Paypal account information. Still when I visit the link, it shows that it is not paid. Help please!

  • Omg, can you, please, create some interface for it? I don’t have this email!

  • Karma Hill

    I upgraded but now my widget won’t update to the look I want. When I upgraded it changed my settings. I used the link provided to change it to 7 column 1 row but it is still showing as 3 columns 2 rows on my site.

  • Andrea Liesting

    I also never received the email! Please send it – I submitted a ticket.