How to check if my access token is active?

If you want to check if your access token is active or not, there are a few ways to find it out.

Instructions for email based users

If you are logging in to our website using your email and password please follow the instructions in this section. If you log in to our website using Login with Instagram/Facebook method, please skip this part and read the next chapter.

First you need to login to your account using your email and password. Once you are logged in, please visit Instagram accounts page. It will show you the overview about all connected Instagram accounts.

Under each connected Instagram account you will find the information whether the access token is active or not.

For instance using the screenshot above, user with username @paul has expired access token and it needs to be refreshed. In order to refresh the token user should use Refresh token button.

The second account @best.of.instagram has active access token and it does not need refreshing.

Instructions for social media logins

This chapter describes how to check the access token for users that logs in to our website using Login with Instagram or Login with Facebook.

Login to your account first using either Login with Instagram or Login with Facebook buttons on login page. Once you are logged in, from your user menu pick My access token option.

In access token status section you can find out if your access token is active or not. If you see ACTIVE it means that everything is OK and your access token is working fine.

If you see NOT ACTIVE status, you should refresh your access token. Simply click the button Update your access token to refresh token.

Manual check

You can also check manually if your access token is active. Simply visit our frontpage and try to generate preview for your widget. If preview will be generated successfully and you will see your pictures in widget preview it means that your access token is active.

However if you will get an error saying that your access token is not active or that you did not authorize our app you should refresh your access token.

Last successful check date

In access token status on My access token page you can find out when last successful check for your access token was made. Date and time is given in UTC – Coordinated Universal Time.

This date/time is updated when:

  • You log in to our website
  • You generate preview, create widget or change settings of your widget
  • You manually refresh your access token and new token is generated
  • When we refresh your widget with latest pictures

Access token history

On My access token page you can find section access token history section. When your access token expire or update new entry will appear.

Please note that this is new feature and it only contains more recent history. Please do not be worry if you find info that your access token history is empty. When some changes will be made to your access token (it will expire or update) entry will appear in history. 

Comments (8)

  • I have a paid widget and it is not updating the feed. Can you please help


    • Hi there! If refreshing the token did not help, could you please create a new support ticket on Support page and provide us with the details of your case - widget ID and Instagram username handle. We will investigate what is going on with your widget:)


  • The token is active, but the post cannot be updated on the homepage.


    • Hi! We also check for new tokens when you log in to LightWidget. If new token was created, all your widgets will be added to refresh queue. So the token might be active, but your widgets might not be refreshed yet. On the bottom of Access Token page you can find the history and check when and how the token was refreshed. If the problem will still persist, please use our Support and create a ticket. Send us the details - your widget ID and Instagram username. We will check it out on our side:)


  • I encountered a problem when using the image after updating the image. That used to embed the code, can check token and then Active. Can you help me? Website that embeds the code name

    • Hi there! We checked your page and it seems that the widget works just fine. If you still have some issues, please create a support ticket and describe the problem. We will help you out:)


  • 유료 업데이트를 해야 자사몰에서 인스타그램 피드가 연동되나요 ?


    • lightwidget profile picture

      안녕! 웹 사이트에서 HTTPS 프로토콜을 사용하는지 여부에 따라 다릅니다. 그렇다면 업그레이드 추가 기능이 필요합니다. 그렇지 않고 업그레이드 추가 기능과 함께 제공되는 추가 혜택이 필요하지 않은 경우 무료 버전을 계속 사용할 수 있습니다. :)


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