How to log in?

In order to create a widget or access your account, you need to log in to LightWidget website.

Which option to use in order to log in?

Currently you can log in to LightWidget using two methods:

  • Connect with Facebook
  • Connect with Instagram

If your Instagram account is Business or Creator account you should use Connect with Facebook option. If you have regular/personal Instagram account, please use Connect with Instagram option.

Connect with Facebook method

If you have Instagram Business/Professional or Creator account, this is the method you should use.

When you log in with Facebook you will be asked first to give us permissions to access your pages and Instagram data. Business account is usually connected to one of your Facebook Pages.

If you have more than one page connected to your Facebook account you will need to choose as which user you need to log in.

This method uses new Instagram Graph API which gives much more features and better reliability than legacy Instagram API.

Connect with Instagram method

If you have regular/personal Instagram account, you need to use this method to log in.

When you log in with Instagram you will be asked to give us basic permissions to read your Instagram profile.

This method uses legacy Instagram API.

Can I log in with Instagram if I have Creator/Business account?

We force “Connect with Facebook” method if you have Business or Creator account. Legacy Instagram API will be deprecated this year in favor of new Instagram Graph API. We want to avoid any disruptions to the widgets and we force the migration to new Graph API.

I logged in with Facebook and now all my widgets are gone!

If you created some widgets using “Connect with Instagram” method before you need to migrate your content to new account.

Please use this migration tool. You need to be logged in using “Connect with Facebook” method. Otherwise you will get Access denied error.

Once you are on that page, please click “Migrate your account” button to proceed with migration. All you widgets and e-mail notifications will be migrated to your Facebook account. Your Instagram account information will be removed from LightWidget database. Your actual Instagram account will not be removed.

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