How to grant access to the developer?

This article will explain how to grant someone access to your Instagram account to build the Instagram widget for you.

Who is a developer on LightWidget?

A developer is a person who can create and manage Instagram widgets on your behalf. Developers can only control your widgets. They do not have direct access to your Instagram account. Such users cannot post on your behalf. Their options are strictly limited to the LightWidget website. You can be safe with your Instagram account!

Another great benefit is that you do not need to give them credentials to your Instagram account!

How to add the developer.

It is a step-by-step guide showing how to add a developer to your Instagram account.

Step 1 – Create the user account.

Screenshot from our sign up page.

To complete the whole process, you need the user account on LightWidget. If you already have the user account, skip to the next step.

Setting up the user account is very straightforward:

  1. Visit the signup page.
  2. Enter your valid email address.
  3. Set up the password you will use to log in.
  4. Accept our Privacy Policy and Terms.
  5. Click the Create account button.

After that, you should see your Dashboard.

Step 2 – Connect your Instagram account.

The developer needs an Instagram account to work on. If you just created your user account, you must connect the account you want to have the widget for. If you already added the required Instagram account, please skip to the next step.

You can connect your account either in your Dashboard or on the list of your Accounts. You should see a section named “Connect a new account.”

Screenshot from the dashboard on LightWidget website showing the connect a new account section with two buttons.

We provide two types of connections:

  1. Consumer – suitable for all Instagram accounts, both private and business. The connection goes through the Instagram website.
  2. Business – suitable only for Professional accounts. Your Instagram account must be either business or creator type. Additionally, you need to link it to the Facebook Page because the connection goes through the Facebook website.

If you meet the requirements for the Business connection, we recommend using it. It offers more options in the widget creator. You can read more about the differences here – The difference between the consumer and business connection.

Click the preferred connection type and grant access to your Instagram account to our app. It is a read-only access. We will not publish anything to your Instagram account. The connection is required to get the information we need to build the Instagram widget in our app.

If you need additional instructions, please read this guide – How to connect the Instagram account? It contains more details on the entire process of adding a new account, including screenshots. It also includes troubleshooting in case of any issues connecting the Instagram account.

Step 3 – Invite your developer.

From the user menu, please select the Developers link. This page contains the list of all people – developers – who can manage your widgets. You can add new and remove existing developers using this page.

Screenshot from user menu showing the Developers link activated.

Scroll down to the “Invite a new developer” form. Paste your developer’s email address into the first field.

Next, select the Instagram accounts you want to grant access to your developer. The chosen accounts have a white background and a purple border around them.

Click the Send invitation button to send the invitation, and you are good to go! When your developer accepts your invitation, he will see your Instagram account in his user account and will be able to create a widget on your behalf:)

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