Do you support Instagram Reels?

Yes, we do support Instagram Reels! It is valid both for consumer and business connections. You can display the Reels in your Instagram widget. Suppose you’ve enabled the lightbox gallery for your LightWidget feed. In that case, the visitors to your website can play the Reels directly on your page without redirection to Instagram.

Options for Reels in the widget configuration

There are two types of Instagram Reels:

  1. Reels shared to the main feed and the Reels tab
  2. Reels transferred to the Reels tab only.

Only the videos shared to your primary grid are visible in the widget by default. If you have hidden the Reel from the primary profile grid, it wouldn’t be visible in the feed.

You can add such videos to the widget by opening the Content section of the widget creator and enabling the option to Show reels removed from the profile grid. By default, this option is disabled.

Screenshot showing option to show reels removed from the profile grid.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are the leading video format on Instagram these days. They replaced the old IGTV and mainly the regular videos too. Reels were introduced in 2020 and quickly became widely used on Instagram. Right now, it’s one of the top features on Instagram.

It’s a vertical video format with additional tools like an audio library, filters, captions, stickers, remixes, etc. Reels became such popular that they even got their special tab, apart from the primary grid.

Screenshot from Instagram website showing Reels tab selected.

As mentioned at the beginning – Reels are supported in our widgets. If you have such a format on your Instagram account and you would like to embed them on your website, please create an awesome Instagram widget using LightWidget!

Read this article on the Instagram blog – Introducing Instagram Reels, if you want to learn more about this feature!

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