Upgrade Your Widget

Follow @lightwidget on Instagram for a chance to win a free upgrade for your widget! Read more about it here.

You can use free version of our widget without any limits. It will always point to your Instagram page instead of 3rd party sites. There are no limits on views etc.
So what’s the difference between free and upgraded widget?

When you post new photo using Instagram, free widget will check once per day if there are any new photos and will update your widget.

Upgraded widget will check it every 30 minutes. It means that visitors on your website will see your fresh pictures faster.

In addition, when you upgrade your widget you can use HTTPS protocol! It will become available shortly after the update. With HTTPS protocol comes advanced CDN that will help load our widgets much faster! You will also get access to e-mail notifications for expired access tokens.

Procedure is easy and it should not take lot of time. It costs 10 $ to upgrade given widget. It is one-time payment for your widget. No need to pay every month/year.  After the payment your widget will be upgraded, and it should grab new photos really fast! There is no need for changing anything in your code. It will stay exactly the same as it is

If you have any questions please use our support page. We’ll be happy to answer;)

Important! If your widget is coming from instansive.com domain, instead of lightwidget.com, you will need to use new embed code. It will be send via email.

Paste the code that you are using on your website into textfield below.

Paste your widget ID like: 2dd1d5b14dab5e89b44f72a9da3e4876
Or paste link to your widget like: https://lightwidget.com/widgets/2dd1d5b14dab5e89b44f72a9da3e4876.html
Or paste whole embed code like: <!-- LightWidget WIDGET --><script src="https://cdn.lightwidget.com/widgets/lightwidget.js"></script><iframe src="//lightwidget.com/widgets/2dd1d5b14dab5e89b44f72a9da3e4876.html" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" class="lightwidget-widget" style="width:100%;border:0;overflow:hidden;"></iframe>