Win the free upgrade for your widget – terms

Plain and simple explanation of the terms and conditions for our contest. 4th edition!

1. What is it all about?

We are organizing a small contest in which you can win free upgrade for your widget.

2. What are the prizes?

The main prize is a free upgrade for one of your widgets. In addition, we have an additional bonus for the winner:

You will get access to our beta features. When we create a new big feature we give an option to our beta testers to use it for a while before it will be available to all of our users. This is optional bonus:)

3. How do I enter this contest?

We created our official account on Instagram here – In order to enter this contest you need to follow us on Instagram.

4. How will you pick a winner?

The winner will be chosen randomly from our Instagram followers. We will use website to pick random follower.

5. When will you pick a winner?

We will pick a winner of this edition on 30.07.2018.

6. How will I know if I am a contest winner?

We will contact you via Direct Message on Instagram. We will send you the instructions how to proceed to receive free upgrade.

7. What if I do not reply to your Direct Message?

If the winner will not respond to our Direct Message within 5 days, we will assume that this user do not wish to get free upgrade. In such case during the next edition of our contest we will pick two winners instead of one.

8. What if I’m following you but I don’t care about this contents?

Please read point no. 7.

9. Is it a single edition only or do you plan to organize similar contest in the future?

This is just 4rd edition and it ends after picking the winner. We are 100% sure that we will organize similar contest in the future.

10. Can I win twice? 😀

Of course! If you will be lucky enough and  will pick you again😊

11. What if I have already had an upgraded widget?

There are two options:

  1. You will get another upgrade. This upgrade can be applied to any free widget.
  2. If you upgraded your widget after 30.05.2018 we will offer a full refund for your upgraded widget.

12. What is this upgraded widget anyway?

You can read more about upgraded widgets here.

13. What if I have more questions about the contest?

Please use our support page and contact us😊

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