Do you support IGTV posts?

IGTV posts are visible in users feeds in Instagram APP and on Instagram website from some time. Unfortunately they are not visible in our widgets. We don’t support the IGTV posts at the moment:(

We are using official Instagram APIs – Instagram Graph API and Instagram Basic Display API. Neither the Graph API nor the Basic Display API returns information about IGTV posts.

If the information about the IGTV post is not present in response from API, we are not aware that there are some IGTV posts. We hope that Instagram/Facebook will add support to IGTV posts in the future.

I saw some IGTV posts in my widget before. They are gone now. Why?

If you have Instagram Business Account or Creator Account and you connected your account via Facebook to LightWidget, you might seen the IGTV posts. For short period of time information about IGTV posts were available in Instagram Graph API responses.

Unfortunately Facebook removed the support for IGTV posts from their API. Here is the official statement/bug report:

Will you add support for IGTV posts in the future?

If the data about IGTV posts will be available in the responses from official APIs, we will add support for IGTV posts to our widgets:)

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