Here you can find the list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our widget

Can I edit free widgets settings without recreating my widget over and over again?

No, we don’t provide edit functionality for free widgets. Only upgraded widgets can be edited without changing the embed code.

How to edit my widget?

After the upgrade you will receive two emails. One from PayPal with confirmation of your payment. Second one with your widget details.

In second email you will find your unique edit link, where you can adjust your widget settings.

I can’t find my edit link, what to do?

If you can’t find your edit link, or you upgraded your widget before we added edit functionality, send us the email by using our contact page. We will reply to you with edit link for your widget.

Please send us also some details like widget ID or payment confirmation, so we can verify your widget.

Widget shows "File not found" message

Most probably the reason is that you are trying to use our widget on website that you are loading locally, via file:// protocol.

Links inside <iframe> and <script> tags starts from <strong>//lightwidget.com</strong> . This is protocol-less format. We allow the web browser to decide if it should use HTTP or HTTPS protocol for your widget. But if you are trying to load it from your computer (via file:// protocol) it tries to look for the widget on your hard drive, instead of loading it from our service.</p>
<p>The solution to view our widget is to add <strong>http: </strong>before <strong>//lightwidget.com. </strong></p>
<p>You need to do it inside <script> and <iframe> tag, so the full URL will look like that: <strong>http://instansive.com </strong></p></iframe>

My problem is not listed here...

Use our contact page and send us the details. We will try to help you:)

What happen with pure hashtag widgets?

Unfortunately due to Instagram Policy changes, we had to disable the option to create widgets with global photos marked by given #hashtag.

Instead we are offering the functionality that lot of user was waiting for – generating the widget for pictures from given account, but marked only by particular hashtag!

Do you plan to return to #hashtag widgets in the future?

Yes! We are planning to get back to regular #hashtag widgets in the future. It will work slightly different than previously and it will have lot more options. More details in the future:)