Widget does not update with new photos

If your widget is not updating with new pictures or videos there might be three reasons:

  1. Your Instagram access token expired
  2. Your widget was not refreshed yet
  3. You are using improper embed code for upgraded widget

Expired access token

When you log in to LightWidget, Instagram access token is created. With that token we can get info about your latest pictures. Tokens expires from time to time. When token expire we are no longer able to get info about your new content posted to Instagram.

In order to refresh your access token, please follow the instructions from this tutorial: How to refresh access token?

If you wish to read more about access tokens here are some helpful resources:

Widget is not yet updated with new content

If you have free version of the widget we check for new content once per day. There is no fixed time of the day when we check for new content. So it might be up to 24h before your widget is updated with new content.

If you have upgraded version of widget we check more frequently for your content. So new picture or video is posted to Instagram account it should appear in your widget in less than 30 minutes.

Using improper embed code for upgraded widget

This is especially important for those users that have websites without SSL encryption (HTTPS) but are using upgraded widgets. If your website is loaded via HTTP protocol (no https:// in your website URL) please make sure that you are loading your upgraded widget via HTTPS.

You can find the valid embed code on your widget info page. Here you can find in details the procedure of finding your upgraded widget code: Where can I find my widget embed code?

You can also force the widget to load via HTTPS by replacing <iframe src="//lightwidget.com... to <iframe src="https://lightwidget.com"... in your embed code.

If nothing helps, please create a support ticket on our support page. We will check it out what is going on:)

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