Broken images

If your widget looks like this:

or like that:

or if you have lazy-load images option turned on and the pictures load forever this tutorial is for you.

There can be two reasons for that:

  1. Your Instagram access token expired
  2. You are using improper embed code for upgraded widget

Expired access token

Each image and video thumbnail on Instagram has special signature. This signature changes over time. Every time we check if you posted a picture we are looking for signature changes. If it changes for at least one picture in your widget, we refresh the widget with new signatures. But if you Instagram access token expired we are no longer able to update your widget.

In order to fix the issue with broken images, please refresh your access token. This article – How to refresh access token? – will guide you how to do that.

Improper embed code for upgraded widget

This is especially important for those users that have websites without SSL encryption (HTTPS) but are using upgraded widgets. If your website is loaded via HTTP protocol (no https:// in your website URL) please make sure that you are loading your upgraded widget via HTTPS.

You can find the valid embed code on your widget info page. Here you can find in details the procedure of finding your upgraded widget code: Where can I find my widget embed code?

You can also force the widget to load via HTTPS by replacing <iframe src="// to <iframe src=""... in your embed code.

Comments (14)

  • I have refreshed my token. How long will it take for the updated images to reflect where my widget is embedded?


    • It should be working within couple of minutes. Your widgets will be added to refresh queue and will pull latest pictures using new token. Please keep in mind that also clearing browser cache might help here:)


  • Olá, Gostaria de saber se ele ficará em cima do rodapé da plataforma loja integrada?

    • Hi there! Would you be able to send us a support ticket with your issue?


  • My Instagram access token is not expired any more ... but I still have broken images.


    • Hi there! Please keep in mind that we do not refresh your widget immediately with new token. All your widgets are added to our refresh queue with high priority. It make take a few minutes before they will update with new token. Also clearing browser cache might help here. In case you will still have issues with the images, please create a support ticket and provide us with the widget you have problem with. We will check it out on our side.


  • My widget has an active token, but it is not displaying on my webpage.


    • It was working fine up until a few days ago.


    • It's working now. Thank you!


  • Hi there! Please make sure that you refreshed the cache of your browser. If it will not help, please drop us a support ticket with your widget ID. We will take a closer look:)


  • I am about to upgrade so that expiring tokens are less of a hassle, but am worried that I will need to update the embed code every single time. Is that the case, or will the code I'm using be OK long-term?


    • Hi there! After the upgrade you will receive an upgraded widget embed code. You will not have to update the code on your website. If the token expire you will have to only refresh the token, no need to change the embedded code on your website. It also works the same for free widgets. If the token expires you simply need to refresh the token. When you upgrade at least one widget, you will get the access to expired tokens notification. Once the token expire you will receive an e-mail with a link to refresh the token:)


  • Seems like all images on lightwidget are broken. Is this plugin dead?


  • FYI, I had a plugin blocking the images on Firefox. This lightwidget plugin is still working fine!


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