Widget does not work after upgrade

If your widget does not work after the upgrade there can be various reasons. Most common are:

  1. You are using incorrect widget embed code
  2. Your old widget is cached by the browser


Incorrect widget embed code

Please keep in mind that we offer upgrade per widget, not per account. If you upgrade single widget it will have all benefits of upgraded widget. But if you create another widget, it will be free widget.

Sometimes it happens that after the upgrade user creates new widget and uses it instead of upgraded widget code. So first, make sure that you are using upgraded widget code, not free one. You can find the list of your upgraded widgets on My widgets page. When you click Show more button it will redirect you to the page with your upgraded widget code. Make sure that it says Upgraded not  Free in status column.

Here is another article that will help you find your widget embed code – Where can I find my widget code?


Widget cached by the browser

We use browser cache to optimize performance and loading time of our widgets. For our upgraded widgets cache expiration time is set to 30 minutes. In some cases where you are already using the upgraded widget code and it still shows message that widget is free, you can try to clear your browser cache.  Refresh your cache is great website with instructions how to do that for various browsers.


If both method failed and your widget still does not work after the upgrade, please submit a support ticket. We will investigate what is going on.

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